Hardly will I make calls outside the normal way of doing it. Making calls with mobile data may not be a very prudent thing to

Do you make calls with IM Apps?

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Hardly will I make calls outside the normal way of doing it. Making calls with mobile data may not be a very prudent thing to do. Numerous IM platforms offer voice calling as an add-on, while some have it as their main feature. Of all of them, I’ve used BBM for calls over Wi-Fi and wasn’t too impressed. It doesn’t even feel like you’re making a phone call. While using it, you sense a delay that indicates your voice is taking some time before getting transmitted to the other party.

The most seamless experience I’ve had was with Facebook Messenger. Two Facebook Messenger users with calling feature enabled (Android and iOS devices only), can call each other and have a live discussion over mobile data or Wi-Fi. The calling experience was very clear and smooth with no “buffering” whatsoever.

The only other service I have tried for calling was Skype, which has never worked for me, probably because of the lack of available online contacts. I understand other apps like Viber and Google Hangouts also offer calling via data, though I haven’t experienced either of them.

I wonder if VoIP calls are a thing in these parts. Do you use any of these services? Do you have other apps/services for making calls over the internet that you can swear by? Do you make data calls at all? Give us a reply about your experiences.


  1. Skype never worked for me.
    Someone introduced me to Tango, which climbed to no. 2 data guzzler in just one week even before I made any calls with it.
    I used it for calls yesterday n it was just OK, though not like regular phone calls

  2. I Made An Im Call, Once.

    Being The Miser I Am, My Eyes Were On A Stopwatch The Whole Of The Time.

    Knowing That You Pay For Receiving (In Addition To Calling Out) Makes This Doubly Unattractive. Power Is Nothing Without Control.

    When Scrimping Ondata, I Will Sure Not Pick Your Call. Why Would You Save On Your Money At The Expense Of My Own Data? Why Else Would Anybody Do A Voip Call Except To Attempt To Save Some Coins?

    However, A Careful Computation Shows That Im Calls Are Actually Quite Economical (If You Are Counting Your Coins)

    Seriously, I Wouldn’t Know Why This Habit Of Voip Call Has Not Largely Replaced Conventional Calls.. Even Among Those In The Know…

  3. Voice Over Internet Protocool (VOIP) requires best an internet connection with a low latency i.e less than 100ms. Calls placed over physical connections like DSL, Fiber, Ethernet are usually very smooth because of low latency. Calls over Wifi or mobile that have a low latency backbone connection will not be as smooth and will need to buffer. Calls especially on a base station that is encountering heavy traffic also suffers. Optimum network optimisation is key for smooth IM calls.

  4. I’ve used Skype a whole lot in the past and it works just fine for me. Notice that phone calls placed over a long distance also appear to buffer too occasionally

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