Do you need a beautiful keyboard? Then check out Super Swiftkey

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Android users in the house, pay close attention . If you didn’t know before, know it now. Swiftkey is the best keyboard app out there – I know some people will argue this – in terms of typing and word prediction. The only (personal) displeasing thing about the app is that it’s themes are plain ugly. Yea. Most of it’s keyboard themes are just ugly.

swiftkey 1

Good news is some good guys at XDA heard our pleas and developed with a modded themed version of Swiftkey called Super Swiftkey. This one carried almost 100 customized themes, and is always updated as soon as the official Swiftkey is updated. The keyboard itself is great, plus the many good themes, we can say we’re eating our cake and having it. Here are some more screenshots.

swiftkey 2

Follow this link to download


  1. Hello Elroy. Swiftkey Is the only android app I miss so very much since I made the switch from android to blackberry. Is thr any way I can use it on my blackberry Z30?

  2. I did just that and got it installed, I’ve not noticed any specific difference though. I guess I’m still a learner in this business ????

  3. I doubt it will work. The stock Blackberry keyboard is great as it is, Maybe you’re yet to see it’s awesomeness

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