I have a Nokia N8, and have played only three (3) games on it. I have a Nokia E7 with an even larger display than

Do You Play Games on your Mobile Phone?

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I have a Nokia N8, and have played only three (3) games on it. I have a Nokia E7 with an even larger display than the N8, and I do not remember once playing any of the over 10 games that I have installed on it. I also own an iPhone 3GS, on which I have played only one game.


I am typing this article on an iPad that I have had for over a month, and despite the availability of several games titles, I am yet to download and install, let alone play, one.

As a rule, I find myself unable to sustain mobile gaming, and I do not consider myself boring or uninterested in games.


Do you play games on your mobile devices? How many do you have installed? How often do you play them?

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  2. ‘Do you play games on your mobile devices? How many do you have installed? ‘

    Nada !

    The first thing I do when I get angry phone (which is infrequent) is to attempt to uninstall all the junk that came with it (the boring games, video clips and other multimedia). The ideas is to free up ad much space as possible for things ‘I’ consider more important.

    Even on the PC, I only have installed Chess and Draught. Guess what – I hardly ever check them out.

    Generally, I would only be interested in mentally_challenging games (and not those of physical dexterity). But, certainly not on a phone, if at all..

  3. Most times i dont even remember i have games installed on my phone and when i do…i cant stand it for 10mins and am bored!

  4. The thing with games is that they take up too much space. Valuable space that could be used for better things.

    However, I am not totally game free. I have about 2 games installed on my iPad for the benefit of my 10 yr old boy. You need to see him breeding and trading in frogs on Mobile Frog or racing against other cars in Need for Speed.

    Few games exist on my iPhone and my Samsung wave but I hardly touch them. No time to play games generally, though I’ll love to play a few occasionally if I have the time.

  5. I play games frequently on my phone, a Nokia C7. Have angry birds, Need for Speed: Shift, Iron Sight, Galaxy on fire 2, climate mission, Realfootball 2010 HD, CHESS and some others. Do I have time to play them all? Well when I’m in traffic or in a very boring meeting, or when PHCN switch off the electricity and it is too early to put on the gen (to conserve fuel) then I play those games. And i play almost all before the end of the day. But like playing Realfootball 2010 HD, and angry birds, more frequently than others.

  6. When it comes to games, I will tell that despite all the ‘confusing English’ (A.k.A specifications), the best test for your phone’s processor/memory is the ability to play high tech games or even complex java games.

    I play games alot on my mobile, the only problem is you will like only 1 out of every 8 you download. Car racing games are the least likely to disappoint, but some in the adventure genre some will make you ask for your money back and like @EyeeBeeKay said delete/uninstall your default games, they are usually crap. Mobile Games will also expose lies manufacturers tell about battery life.

    Its a matter of choice, find the genre you like and install them. Some games will push your processors/graphics to the limit and expose many lies. I personally don’t rate a phone untill I have played games on it. I use a Nokia E5.00, go to wap.gruzsoft.org for some nice free symbian games, if you can pay from your credit, go to http://www.gameloft.com (Glo) or http://www.herocraft.com (MTN). Choose wisely.

  7. ‘No time to play games generally,though I’ll love to play a few occasionally if I have the time’

    Hmm. I feel we will always have / create time forwhat / who we LOVE, no matter how busy we (think we) are.

    It is all a matter of prioritisation.

    I think all adults need to GROW-DOWN and find time to do what they enjoy. Have you heard of a child with hypertension? This should give the Deola_DOCTORs less to do and more time to enjoy the Angry Bird s ..

  8. Games used to be a big party of my mobile life. On my nokia 5320xm, I installed and finished at least 10 java and sis games.

    On my Samsung Wave, I really enjoyed playing Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Need for Speed Shift HD, Asphalt5, etc.

    Since I got my N8, I’ve installed and removed more than 20 games. At the moment, the following games are installed: angry birds rio, need for speed shift, tom clancy’s H.A.W.X, speed x, moto xxx mayhem, fruit ninja, and galaxy on fire.

    The only one I play regularly these days is angry birds rio, as I refuse to move to any stage/level until I have gotten all 3 stars in the previous level.

  9. No I don’t play games on my phone. I’m of the opinion that serious minded folks really don’t have time for games and would rather channel that time into something more productive.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy right? well that’s up for debate anyway.

  10. i do play games on all the phones i have owned, the thrill only last the first few days of downloading it after then i never come back to it. So far on nokia Infinite Dreams tiles such as Skyforce and K-rally have been a permanent feature on all my phones, they help a long wait shorter and less boring as opposed to music. But lately the internet and Instant mesaaging has succeded in relegating it to the back of my mind

  11. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy right? well that’s up for debate anyway.’


    Unless you love your work SO MUCH that it is like PLAY (recreation), I have little doubt all work and no play (not necessary GAMES_on_phone) will surely dull your sharp edges.

    Maybe the two visible doctors_in_the_house would chip in on this.

  12. @keweno
    Hear! Hear! Serious minded people don’t have time for games!
    What a load of bull crap!! Let me educate you, pls. The aim of games is to relax you and shift your mind away from the stress and worries of work and daily life. Playing games is just one way of relaxing. Different people do different things to offload their worries and stress. Some go into ‘official’ sport like tennis, basket ball, etc. Other do their thing like PS3, XBOX and, yes, mobile phone games. Whatever is the medium the aim is to have fun with friends, family or just alone, and take like less seriously. The key is not to over do it.
    So when you said serious minded people don’t have time for games, or fun, it just shows you are ignorant of the some facts of life. And insulting to gamers like us. LOL

  13. One game that I’ve always had on my phones is chess and it is always handy in time of wait or when I’m bored. I’ve also played need for speed on my previous phones.
    I really don’t need so many games on my phone now because I also have so many reading materials on my phone. There’s also the consideration for limited resources.

  14. ” I think all adults need to GROW-DOWN and find time to do what they enjoy. Have you heard of a child with hypertension? This should give the Deola_DOCTORs less to do and more time to enjoy the Angry Bird s ..”

    @EyeBeeKay, thanks for the prescription. But I pass. See, it was hard enough getting my wife to believe the costly devices were meant for improving my medical whatever. Playing games on any of them in her presence will surely make someone develop a blood pressure or rupture a blood vessel or two. Its convenient to install these games for the baby of the house.

    Sorry to disagree with you. Workaholics do need some time off. At a point, all of us need some form of relaxation otherwise, the shrinks will come calling to take you in straight jackets to “the house”. sadly, you and my wife share a similar view, but she is wise enough to give herself time for recreation.

    Playing games on the phone could be really gratifying after a day’s work. It is not every time we get to go to the golf course or the swimming pool. But your mobile is always with you. Just bring it out and start saving the world as a spiderman whenever you are stressed remembering that worry does not solve a problem.

    I remember afewgoodmen started on his Apple trail years ago because an iPod touch afforded him the opportunity to play high definition games on a “big screen”. Pity he hasn’t been able to make comments here because Starcomms is busy “playing HD games on his Internet connectivity.

  15. I have never played game on my blackberry I relax via browsing pinging and playing music

  16. ” I have never played game on my blackberry I relax via browsing pinging and playing music”

    Very wise decision. Some phones are better left alone when it comes to games. Blackberry will give you more stress than relieve them if you try playing games on it. I don’t know about OS6 but the other ones are “no go area” for games. I tried it twice (with a Tour & a Curve). The experience was rather err…

    Anyone ever played Alchemy? It’s available across all the platforms. Nice game, no stress, no sweats. Makes you a creator. But I’ve not been able to turn base metals into gold.

  17. I have at least 10 HD games installed on my N8 and I hardly play any one of them. I do not uninstall any of these games because my phone is frequently borrowed to play games. I use the phone mainly to take pictures, watch movies and make calls.

  18. @ebusky I totally agree with @deoladoctor playing games on your blackberry would only add to the stress. till date it puzzles me to what inspired the trackball and trackpad on blackberrys as opposed to the d-pad which is ways easier to use. Try scrolling down a list of 100 entries with the trackpad and trackball and you’d realize my point and for gaming where u need to hold a direction and also press another button or buttons on the qwerty keyboards in a sequence. The trackball and trackpad would definitely let u down

  19. Come guys…will like to know what you think of this…..Of all mobile phone form factors,….which form factor is the best for gaming and the worst? For me straight candybar is the best and qwerty is the worst!

  20. I do have some HD games installed on my samsung vibrant, splinter cell conviction, RF2011, asphalt 6, hero of sparta, contract killer, angry birds. However I don’t get to play them as often as I would have loved. Time. most idle times when I pick up my phone it’s usually straight to the internet for contents to read.

  21. I do play games on my phone, but there are so many things 1 can do on phones now that I really most love the game to decide to give it my time.

    I have been doing some Doodle Jump on nokia 5230 but my best game goes to Angry Bird on Tablets i.e iPad. There is so much space to play.

    I also recently played Mortal Kombat on an iPad and I enjoyed it.

    I have seen some interesting games on Android but my best gaming platform goes to iOS.

    I saw some classic games on the iPad and I couldn’t just resist them (Lodo, Chess, Monopoly, scrable).

  22. I play Realfootball2010, Angry bird, Galaxy on fire, and once am done am looking to buy Avater HD and Hero of sparta. Thanks to my C7 my playStation miss me real good.

    With high quality games coming up, I find myself dumping game consoles due to lask of time, however, the two player mode is what I missed cos connectivity does not make that a gooe experience

  23. @Douglas, you are right on connectivity. You cannot compare with playing against your opponents offline. Probably because our bad network here in Nigeria. A lot of the gamers in developed countries don’t have this connectivity problem.

  24. Of Course, I play games on my phone. That helps me pass the time! And I have an addiction of getting to the last stage of any game before I let it go. Sometimes it gets really interesting! On an average week I play games once or twice especially if I have just downloaded a new game!

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