Most of our mobile devices are integrated into our life according to our different styles. They have become a jack of all trades with the

Do you read on your mobile device?

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Kindle app for Android

Most of our mobile devices are integrated into our life according to our different styles. They have become a jack of all trades with the integration of a camera, portable media player, applications and differentiating features among the different mobile operating systems out there.

Personally, ever since the time that I got my first smartphone (a Nokia 5230), I have always enjoyed reading magazines and books on my devices. I currently use an Android device, two reader apps (Adobe Reader and Amazon Kindle) are right there on my list of the five most frequently used apps.

I love the fact that I am able to carry countless amounts of books without the hassle of remembering where I read last. I also love that I do not have to physically carry all those book and magazine titles around with me. Once I am with my device, my reading list is right there.

Because of these advantages, I am always reading something.

Do you read on your mobile device? How is the experience compared to reading a paperback? What do you like/hate about it?


  1. I have always read on my mobile devices.

    When Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” came out, I read the entire novel on my Nokia 5320Xpressmusic (@-inch screen). My eyes hurt me for days!!

    I regularly read novels and magazines on my N8 (Ionic app), N9 (Ionic app), Kindle Keyboard, HP Touchpad.

    My current preference is my Touchpad, using Aldiko ebook reader and Adobe reader. During my last exams, I did about 80% of my studying with it. I don’t use Amazon Kindle app because it doesn’t support the EPUB ebook format.

  2. Before ebooks and internet I didn’t read much (novels, mags, newspapers) but now I spend more time reading all sorts of stuff, it started with my laptop then I discovered Anyview for my java based phone and someone on this blog mentioned AlbiteReader and i entered the world of epub books on the go. Currently I use an android phone and can read through books/articles of any format (PDF on my phone finally) 😉 .

  3. I read Ebooks on my mobile I started with Motorola L6 using Mjbook maker I read all 7 Harry Potter books in less than 2 weeks on that L6 I had headaches but it was worth it. I used Wattpad then Anyview on my Nokia and BlackBerry I use over drive media console on my BlackBerry to read epub file I even use the eBook reader on my china phone. I love reading

  4. Reading books on my tab2 10.1 is always a marvelous experience . I have always read books on my mobile devices so long it’s supported. I love reading with a passion and I’m particularly pleased by the fact that I can carry many books around without stress. These days, buying hard copies of books is turning into a serious challenge.

  5. No matter how tempting it is to buy cheap hardcopy novels, I won’t do so. I have so many ebooks that it will take me months to read them all.

    While in secondary school, I was a huge fan of James Hardley Chase. I remember I forced myself to finish one of his novels (Mission to Sienna) on the eve of my WASSCE Mathematics exam (2001). And There were a couple of his books that I wanted to read so badly, but never got the chance to do so.

    Well a few weeks ago, James Hardley Chase suddenly popped into my mind, after almost 10 years of not reading any of his books. I quickly went online, searched for and downloaded some of his books, and now I’ve read those two novels (“The vulture is a patient bird” and “Mission to Venice”) that I didn’t have the opportunity to read in 2001.

    I downloaded them with my Blackberry, and read them on my Touchpad.

    I Love the Internet and Mobile Technology!! 🙂

  6. I’m almost always in the middle of one book or the other. I’ve read probably about 100 or more books on mobile devices (no jokes). I initially started reading ebooks on my laptop back in 2006 and then I moved to reading on an iPod touch and any phone I happen to be using at that time (even S40 devices). I got a Nook Color ebook reader towards the end of last year and have been using that for reading until about 2weeks ago when it was stolen (story for another day). So, now, I’m back to using my Samsung Galaxy Fit (with Albite ereader app) to complete the book I’m presently reading (A dance with dragons asoif book 5) and thinking about the device that would replace the nook color as my primary ebook reader.

  7. Nope, I have real books and an ereader because I have no more space for real books.

    The only thing I’d read on my phone are articles; the screen is too small for me to read for any extended period of time on.

  8. I am not a fan of reading books. never was a fan of those novels back in the days. however, I love reading articles and news dailies. Those constitute most of my contents on the smartphone.

    Just upgraded from the s2 to the Note last weekend and reading articles has just gotten more interesting on the Note. The bigger HD screen is crisp and convenient. For now, I don’t have any room for tablets. They seem to be too big for a truly mobile experience . I needed something with bigger screen and still small enough to enter my pocket easily. The Galaxy Note.

    With the endless magazine like apps on the android market, pulse, currents, flipboard, Google ebook, play magazine, TED, Thisdaylive e.t.c…. its heaven on earth.

  9. You just have to go with the (positive) flow!
    These days when I hear book or read, I don’t think of dead tree versions, I think of ebooks and when I hear buy/shop I don’t think of brick and mortar stores, I think of online stores.
    I’m looking forward to widespread availability of tablets preloaded with texbooks and journals for students of all categories.

  10. I thank God I am living in this time and age it is a rear preivlede
    ge. Imagine people who did not witness mobile age.
    I love reading ebooks I started with pdf format on my first PDA Sony Ericsson. P990i. And my first book is the book of discovery about how people brave the seas, hostile land and the history of great navigators and thief discovery. I also use mobipocket software to read it allow bookmarks. I also read a lot of book with Nokia N900. Presently. I am reading with PlayBook using kobo dreaded they are wonderful experience. I also love to hear that so many people here are reading rubbing our small mind with higher mind continously. One source of classic book I ll like to recommend. Is

  11. I’ve been reading ebooks on my device since N70 and as small as the screen was I read tons of novels on it and every phone I’ve got since then Ive read on. One of the 1st apps I get for any phone I buy is an ebook reader. Now I own the Ipad 2 and everything and I mean everything I read I read on it. I have over 300 novels in eformat. Right now I’m preparing for my Mb Chb final exams and EVERY reading I’m doing apart from my personal wardround and clinical meetings jottings I’m doing on the tab. If only these things have been around earlier I would have been spared the space all these huge textbooks which are now lying around useless are occupying. The thing I love most abt this is the fact that I have almost every material I need with me anytime anywhere and everything is just a tap away it this were to translate into hard copies ……in short now the only way I’m gonna buy a hard copy for any book is if an e-copy does not exist.

  12. Funny thing. I never gave it a thought until I just read this article. I have almost stopped reading hard copy of anything. I read everything on my iPad. Books, journals, discusses, thesis, all. It’s just natural for me that way. All my hard copies, and there are hundreds of them, are lying idle and wasting away on the shelves, even my kids are all reading from electronic media. I think I have to do something about this. Printed books used to be treasures for me in the pre-iPad era, now it’s all in electronic formats. Same thing applies to pictures. How sad…..

  13. Yes, I do read ebooks on my phone.

    The ability to “take_it_with_us” is something we tend to take fir granted now!

    I guess the size of the screen would be the added / subtractive (dis)_incentive to reading ~on a mobile device.

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