Do you remember Buddie?

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It is flashback time, friends! Do you remember Buddie?


Tell us what you remember about Buddie and any experiences that you had with it 🙂


  1. Back in the day I was faced with a choice between MTN and Econet. I thought then that ‘buddie’ was too playful and an ‘unserious’ a name (and by extension a network) given the circumstance under which i would have to shell out closed to 25k for a mobile line.

    Looking back now, the decision was really childish (buddieesh?)

  2. well, I remember the colour theme was purple/ bluish. I remember it was one of the many nomenclature changes that finally became the current AirTel. Nothing else comes to mind..

  3. i learn about buddie from a friends who tell me that buddie is a mobile chat engine. Then i downloaded it and install it on my phone. I still used it up till now but not always i also alternate it with yahoo mobile messager, to do my mobile chat. Ple tell me the different between ebuddy and buddie.

  4. Back then, I made a choice of MTN over econet because it appeared to be a bigger brand with better outreach. Perhaps it was a good decision. 17,000 Naira to buy only a Sim card was quite exorbitant!

  5. I only changed my buddie branded sim card last week. I did a sim swap because my phone stopped reading the SIM. It turned out it is the phone that has the problem not the SIM. Anyway I used that SIM for 7 years, I bought it back in 2003 at 7000 Naira.

  6. Back in the days, then I was in 200 /300 level in School. Buddie from Econet was the line ”few” Students could afford to maintain. Then the minimum MTN recharge card was #1,500. While Econet had #500 as minimum. Most people that choose MTN then sees them selves as superior.
    Then validity period on #500 card was 5 days only after which you would be unable to receive calls again. And calls was @ #50 per minute. MTN Booster Card for call centres was also porpular then.

  7. Buddie? Econet? To me back then, it was an inferior stuff. My friends went around with Econet and Motorola Talkabout but i wanted somethng more beautiful and superior so i bought a Sagem MC3000 with MTN line. (Or was it Sagem MC1000?). I had a more beautiful phone and a more expensive line. I was the king. I was recharging with N1,500. Looking back, i think it was all vanity and a waste of money.

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