Since the first release of tablets, it was not really appreciated till Steve Jobs launched the first iPad in 2010, which went on to sell

Do you still use your tablets?

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Since the first release of tablets, it was not really appreciated till Steve Jobs launched the first iPad in 2010, which went on to sell millions of units. This forced some other manufacturers to release their own tablets, and take part in the tablet boom.

Tablets were made to bridge the gap between the notebook and phone, but in recent times, we have seen the emergence of big phones named phablets. The presence of phablets make it hard for some people to totally differentiate a tablet from a phablet.

Most importantly, it seems the phablets are displacing the tablets in terms of usage. It has been reported that tablet sales and growth has greatly depreciated worldwide.

This could mean that as people buy phablets, they abandon their tablets. Are you one of those? Do you own a phablet? Do you still own and use a tablet?


  1. Owned a phablet and don’t really see the need for a tablet,totally redundant in my opinion,gifted mine to the wife..she’s having a blast with it though..

  2. Have never had one and never will cuz a tablet is just too much of a load to be carrying around afterall there’s no diff btw the capabilities of a smartphone and that of a tab except for the screen

  3. Yes, tablets are already an endangered species being heavily cannibalized by the new generation of Phablets.

    And it’s all Samsung’s fault. The Korean giant provoked this giant phone revolution with its Galaxy Note and Galaxy Grand behemoths.

    When Samsung first introduced the first Galaxy Note, the whole tech world made jest of the giant manufacturer. Who would buy such a gorilla phone? But Sammy made a soar-away success of it.

    Now, every other OEM has joined the phablet whirlwind. Even Apple with its new iPhone 6 Plus stealing the thunder everywhere!

    Apple caused the first major global smartphone revolution in 2007 with the first iPhone.

    Samsung then instigated the second major global smartphone revolution in 2011 with the Galaxy Note.

    Now, all I see everywhere are all manners of big-screen phones of all shapes and brands.

    The surprise is that Nigerian women are also into this phablet madness! Our women carry around and caress these big-screen phones in their puny, delicate hands and it’s like Naija ladies really like BIG stuff!

    It’s true after all, size matters.

    And since phablets are handy to carry around, yet big-screened enough to view contents on, who needs tablets anymore?

    For the first time in years, even iPad sales are going to nosedive worldwide from now on, cannibalized by Apple’s own me-too phablet!

    Long live the Phablet, King of Smartphone Empire. RIP Tablet till resurrection day.

  4. Own tablets. Hardly touch them, now, except to read eMagazines.

    The six incher Phablet meets almost all my needs..

    Reading my digital copies of Reader’s digest does my eye no favours, however, so the Tablets still hold their own there.

    And, yes, games. Videos. For those into those. It’s more enjoyable, the bigger the screen..

  5. Don’t own a phablet, but hardly use my tablet. I found the screen of my phone is enough for me. Used to give to my 4 years old son to play games with till he threw it in anger and smashed the screen. Now it just sit at home till the spirit moves me to use.

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