Do You Use Any Cloud Storage Service On Your mobile?

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Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage is a model of networked online storage where your data is stored on servers. Your pictures, videos, office documents and other files can be synchronised between your mobile, the cloud service, and your PC, so that they are available for retrieval and use from anywhere and at anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

The critical factor is a stable and robust broadband internet connection.

In emerging markets, the challenge is that broadband is neither widespread nor affordable. With often unreliable mobile internet services and capped data plans, cloud services might not catch on fast in those markets.

There are several cloud services available to mobile devices. Some are platform-specific, while others are cross platform.

The question is, Do You Use Any Cloud Service On Your Mobile Device? If Yes; Which?

This poll will run till Friday when the results will be published. Thank you for your participation and comments.

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  1. No; i do not- except for things like having up phone contacts, sms, using things like B.U.M.P, Youlu..

    The critical factor is a stable and robust broadband internet connection.

    And That is the crux of the matter!
    Besides, how cost_sensible is cloud storage-here in Nigeria?

    In our clime, you probably want to back-up ONLY files you use onky infrequently. A file you mai need urgently, and in a hurry may be inaccessible here-because of the above problem-among others!

    And that defeats the greatest benefit of cloud backup.

    Besides, local storage is geting progressively cheaper.

    Somebody once told me he has 3-Terabyte harddisks for sale. Guess how much? N8,500!

    Solid_ state devices will keep the price on a downward trajectory, with increased reliability, and easy portability of storage device.

    Cloud backup is not likely to gain momentum-here-any time soon- methinksn!

  2. i just use it to back up my phone contacts (netqin antivirus contact backup) and google docs for a couple of documents

  3. Cloud storage is a good tech I have some of my files with Drop Box and I can easily access them from phone and internet access

  4. Will be hard in Nigeria until Internet becomes faster and cheaper.

    I use iCloud anyways.

    Though I don’t have an iPhone but I use it for my stuffs in my iTunes on my PC and Apple TV.

  5. I only back up my contacts with Considering the cost of connect in Nigeria so far, I do not see cloud services as cost effective.

    Besides, some files I consider important to me and I think I may have their need anytime are hand in my Google mailbox.

  6. @Yomi

    How do we categories things stored in email box, they are certainly in the Cloud too, like what harry stated above.

  7. @Eye.bee.kay

    Somebody once told me he has 3 -Terabyte harddisks for sale . Guess how much? N 8 ,500!

    Please Eye.bee.kay, can you help me connect to the person selling the hard disk drive? I’m interested in buying one now. is my email address if you wouldn’t mind reaching me through mail. Thank you.

  8. bosun99uk,

    For the purpose of this poll and article, we are talking of cloud storage services in terms of the storage of your files, not email services.

  9. I use dropbox to backup my media files, I also use evernote to store my notes but i still backup all my data on a 1 TB external hard drive. I really don’t trust those cloud companies too much, they can always go bust.

  10. Eye bee kay. How durable is that hard drive? There are lots of fake cheap hard drives out there. Tell me of ur experience with it.

  11. @Eye.Bee.Kay

    Somebody once told me he has 3-Terabyte harddisks for sale. Guess how much? N8,500

    I’m also interested in buying. Please kindly link me up. My address is Thanks.

    Meanwhile, I use drop box for storage of a few small files in case I need them and the local copy is not on hand.

  12. @Austine,

    Now- i really shot myself in the foot with my unintentional WRONG advert!

    i already responded to other enquirie. My apologies! Here it is:

    Hi Harry. This is Eye.Bee.Kay Hope you had a beautiful weekend?

    Concerning your enquiry about the 3-TeraByte Hard Disk, The guy said it was actually a flash dirve of 256 GigaByte for N8,500. I must have been mistaken, as I was informed close to two and a half months ago.. He added that even the flash drive seems not to be reliable, as it tends to fail
    after storing files- on it – up to a certain level. Ibukun Olaoya (Eye.Bee.Kay)


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