Does BlackBerry Still Own The Nigerian Smartphone Market?

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Android vs Backberry

The Nigerian smartphone market was owned by BlackBerry by a large margin – about 50% at some point. Perhaps the embattled Canadian brand still owns it, even if only a much smaller margin. With all the news of BlackBerry’s struggles and of low-end Android smartphones flooding the market, it might surprise you to find that we still see more traffic from BlackBerry than from Android. Almost twice the traffic of Android.

Traffic statistics for in September 2013 indicate the following slices:

1. BlackBerry 41.7%
2. Android 27.5%
3. Java Phones 20.3% (mostly Nokia’s S40?)
4. Symbian 5.7%
5. Windows Phone 4.8%

If the figures for are any indicators, BlackBerry still rules – at least for mobile web browsing. Of course, it can be argued that ultra low-cost BIS plans are a factor here, but then many people are using those plans on their Android smartphones already. However one looks at it, it doesn’t look to me like Android is yet to overtake BlackBerry around here.

  1. Well, with BBM having been unleashed to run on two other OSes , I can bet my tattered Dollars that that situation is already changing as we speak.

    Them berries can continue to feature, here, but people have been given a reason to unfetter themselves from BB with the multiplatform gambit.

  2. Chalk another one up for Android. Got BBM this morning so I’ll NEVER be a blackberry device owner!

  3. Hmmm I reserve my comment , so that bb haters won’t hate me, bcos I wonder why I will switch off my data when I use a smart fone. Thumbs up for the revolutionary device call BLACKBERRY

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