Does India love Voodoo? It isn’t what you think though

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There’s no witchdoctor in this story. Or perhaps there is. Voodoo is a mobile app that seeks to help users get the best prices for any service/product that they use on their mobile phone. Say for example, you are shopping for a certain pair of shoes on one shopping app, if you have Voodoo installed on your phone, it will scan in the background for prices of similar products/services from other retailers and present them to you. Same if you’re trying to get a cab or some other service.


The service is available in India and only for Android for now. The trick is how you do not need to open the app for it to work for you. It works intelligently in the background, so you just go about your regular tasks on your device. The developers describe the app as “a layer of black magic over your apps”.

If you are resident in India and want some of that black magic, go ahead: download Voodoo.

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  1. They would have to change the name for the African market. The app is a nice idea, but God forbid your mother or an aunty with their bionic vision see anything like Voodoo on your phone….you’re in trouble.

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