Does it matter what phone model you use?

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At face value, it may not seem like there’s any reason to be fussy about which phone makes and models one uses. But 7 years and over 35 phones have taught me that there are situations in which it does matter.

I am writing on this subject because of an interesting occurence tonight. For weeks now, despite having the correct settings for data on the Zain network on my Sony Ericsson T650i, I have been unable to browse the internet.

I have an MTN SIM in my Nokia E90 Communicator for my mobile office needs.
But because of MTN’s present bout of epilepsy on its data services, I popped my Zain SIM in place of MTN in the E90, and surprise – I’m browsing smooth and easy on the Zain GPRS network on the Nokia!

Actually, it is not quite a surprise to me. Over the years, it has been my observation that by default Nokia phones handle mobile internet better than phones from most other manufacturers.

Does it matter what make of phone you use?

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