In the last one month, I have run into a handful of articles claiming that half the smartphones in Africa are a TECNO mobile device.

Does TECNO now own 50% of Africa’s smartphone market?

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In the last one month, I have run into a handful of articles claiming that half the smartphones in Africa are a TECNO mobile device. That sure is a tall claim, though not entirely improbable.

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The article doesn’t provide detailed information or quote any verifiable sources, but the BellaNaija version states the following:

TECNO’s smart phone sales figure hit 45 million units at the end of Q4 2014 making the Chinese OEM vendor Africa’s No1 smart phone vendor.


July 2015 report on The Guardian placed the combined smart phone shipment share of SAMSUNG, TECNO and Apple in Africa, Q1 2015 at 55%.

The lack of clear statistics leaves the article wanting. I am not disputing the claim. I just would like to see more detailed figures or a verifiable source.

I have reached out to TECNO officials to get a confirmation or denial of the claim. They are yet to get back to me, but expect my update when they do.

In the meantime, over to you, our ever active community…..


  1. That’s a tall claim and with no stats to back it up it remains just that,empty air for marketing purposes until we Nigerians begins to reason factually such companies will continue to take us for a ride with such baseless lies and innuendos..

  2. I don’t think it’s impossible especially taking into consideration that Tecno also own Infinix

  3. I think Tecno mobile made significant sales through the introduction of retail shops across Africa.

  4. Infinix owned by Tecno? I beg to disagree.
    Issue under discuss is not impossible, though Tecno has started to decline due to their insensitive treatment of their customers, the same way Samsung misbehaved, and Tecno took over. Now, Infinix is coming….

  5. Those stats are not for TECNO; they’re for TRANSSION, the parent company of TECNO, Infinix, itel and CarlCare.

    If you need proof,

    In 2014
    with the total shipments of 46,000,000, TRANSSION has created a new record and successfully ascended to the first camp of mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

    That’s from Transsion Holdings.

  6. I doubt there’s anywhere in the report they specifically mentioned owning 50% share of the African Smartphone market,granted they are doing well but lets remember neither Tecno nor Infinix are all that widespread in most other African countries and are passing of unsubstantiated half truths.
    Moreover such reports doesn’t normally come from BIASED OEMs but from independent 3rd party data collation firms..

  7. I dont think they meant the same company. They are talking about TECNO as a unit, not the parent company

  8. Sketchy journalism and figures selectively arranged and there you have it. I would like to see how well they did in the countries they’re operating in before I believe the stats.

    And Diakon has a point; if the figure was misquoted by The Guardian, maybe you need to ask them where they got their information from Mr Mo.

  9. This is a very welcome development, although all Smartphone firms have their flaws but I’m glad Africans are beginning to embrace Tecno

  10. When shall we begin to recognize the foreign firms who mean well for us in Africa? Tecno all the way

  11. n u don’t have evidence to prove that it is fake right? why u r always complaining, just leave it and live your own life

  12. Mr Nevermind. Sorry o. You can not write a proper sentence and it is what somebody else has written that is worrying you. Go and pick your English text book and do better. Oshisko!

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