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Here is a crowd-sourcing exercise. The brief:

Wanted: A budget or mid-range Android smartphone with exemplary battery life.

Android is noted for its power-hogging and so the above might sound more like a contradiction, but who knows? A few high-end Android phones have pulled off amazing feats in terms of power consumption. Can we find any good battery performer at the budget and mid-tier levels? Let’s have your contributions please, and if possible with examples of how well the battery lasts.

  1. depends on your definition of budget, for me budget is under $250 (40000). so only phone that stands out is the Lenovo P780 (as Chukwudi said) it has a 4000 mAh battery, but it’s a Lenovo device and that means it’s not readily available here. thing is budget phones are budget because OEMs trade off some features and battery capacity’s one of the trade offs. best solution is an extended battery (for Samsung phones) or a power bank

  2. GIONEE PIONEER P2 for #14500, 1700mah battery but it does last a day considering it’s specs. 4” screen, 1 GHz Cortex A7 Dual Core, 3g, 5mp camera, dual sim.

  3. a friend’s just got the Motorola Moto G (as a Christmas present) and it’s got decent battery life. battery capacity’s only 2070 mAh, but the phone survives a full day of intermediate to heavy use on a full charge

  4. Well said guys.

    I currently use the LG Optimus L7 II Dual P715.
    Battery at 2460 mAh
    Costs about N36k
    Plus readily available in Naija

    I also have the Tecno L3
    Battery at 2400maH
    Costs only N14k
    Also readily available in Naija

    The grandfather as you all know by now is the Lenovo P780
    With battery life at 4000maH
    Cost is not up to N45k
    But it’s not readily available in Naija so you gots to buy online.

  5. 3rd world techie, where did your friend obtained his Motorola Moto G from? I ve searched all major phone shops in Lagos for it.

  6. 3rd world techie, still waiting for an answer to my question about where your friend got his Motorola Moto G from….Abeg…biko…joor…

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