Don’t be conned: Ericsson free laptop promo

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Today, I received an email with the following message:

Please find attached the offer of free laptop from Ericsson.

In the mail, I was one of 13 people copied, and there was a Microsoft Word document attached with the following image embedded:
Ericsson laptop promo

Immediately I read through the image, it was clear to me that this was a waste of time. Here were the immediate reasons:

  1. The image bears the “Sony Ericsson” logo and brand: Sony Ericsson does not exist anymore. Again, why the conflict between the branding and the claim that “Ericsson” is the one giving out laptops?
  2. It mentions an “Ericsson T18 laptop”. LOL. The T18 was a 1999 Ericsson flip phone.
  3. It mentions an “Ericsson R320 laptop”. LOOOL. The R320 was a 2000 Ericsson phone. I owned one.

A quick search on the web also revealed that Ericsson has responded to the hoax with the following statement:

No, Ericsson is not giving away phones or laptops. The chain letter is a Fraud and has been circulating since April 2000.

2000? And people are still sending this around in 2014?


  1. 2000? And People Are Still Sending This Around In 2014?

    Old Fraudsters Never Quit;

    They Just Get Dumber And Dumber..

  2. ahahahahahaha

    The fraudsters may have quit this particular laptop con. I think the real dumb one is the person that sent that email to Mr Mo.

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