Don't Believe Every Ad: Jumia, Lumia 520, 41 Megapixels?

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Jumia has a Facebook advert that makes for light comic relief. You are being offered a Lumia 520 with a 4.5-inch display, 1.5GHz processor, and a 41 megapixel camera. Now, that would be a swell offer, and I would have yelled, “Go get yours right away before the deal ends!” Problem is that this Lumia 520 costs N119,000, which means it isn’t a good deal at all. But, just for a moment, consider a Lumia 520 with a 41 megapixel camera on sale for say N19,000 instead. Yes? That would have been the mobile deal of life.

Here is a crop of the Jumia advert as seen on Facebook this morning:

Jumia Lumia 520 Advert

Yes, of course; someone in the advertising department at Jumia goofed. We know which Nokia Lumia should be printed on that advert. Happy Monday, folks. May God bless your hustle.

  1. Somebody must have really goofed. However, from the Facebook crop the price is N119,000 and not N199,000 that you posted. Whichever, it’s still a terrible goof

  2. Jumia is really bad at misleading people. Imagine a Samsung Gaxy Ace 3, similar in specs to the Galaxy Core, bein sold for N17495.

    A buyer however reported after his purchase that the box says Galaxy Ace 3 on it but a Galaxy Star Pro is inside. At the price its is being sold, the buyer was goofed and equally scammed.

  3. @ mista mo & Austin, is it ma eyes or ma fone the price I see on mo’s writeup is 119k, where did u guys see 199k???

  4. @Biola. Jumia once sold me a bluetooth hands free that stopped working after a month and all my effort to communicate with tham (jumia) was to no avail. I ending up going to Nokia care and was rudely and annoying turned down with these specific words: this device has no warranty cover in Nigeria.
    That was the last time I shopped on jumia.

  5. i believe it was a mixup, the specs (41 MP camera, 4.5″ screen & 1.5 GHz processor) point to a Lumia 1020 and not a 520

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