Last Friday night was the Don’t Break Da Beat and Nokia Asha 210 & 501 launch event. I had an invitation to attend. The invitation

Don't Break Da Beat with Nokia Asha 210 and 501

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Last Friday night was the Don’t Break Da Beat and Nokia Asha 210 & 501 launch event. I had an invitation to attend. The invitation read that the event would last “till dawn”. It sounded like a lot of fun, and I hadn’t gone partying in a while. My job lets me play with all these cool toys and gives me access to cool parties. What’s not to like about it?


I won’t bore you with some stuff. I’m guessing that Lucia has a lot to tell you about that night already, so I will stick to the mobile stuff.

Mo and Asha 501


The moment I got there, the first thing on my mind was to get my hands on both devices to be launched later that night – Asha 210 and Asha 501. I asked one of the Nokia executives present and he pointed me towards a corner, where yes, I got to turn them over in my hands and play with them a bit. They both feel like very well built devices and look really trendy too. The 210 is a QWERTY device, while the 501 is all touch – with elements from MeeGo. The 501 really interests me.


Asha 210 foreground


Do I think that both devices have a place in the market? Yes; I do. People migrating from feature phones will find them to be capable entry level smartphones. Lots of parents are also likely to get one of these as first phones for their kids. How do I know? I’m a parent. My daughter, Girl Mo, wants her first phone, and I instinctively know that an Asha 210 will rock her world – affordable, colourful, resembles her momma’s Blackberry, has lots of games, can keep her in touch with family and friends via voice, SMS WhatsApp and social networking services, and has a battery that keeps going. She will get one.

Asha 501 foreground


The rest of the party was fun. There were drinks, small chops, and lots of music to go round. There was a rap competition, the products launch proper with fireworks and glitz, and that crazy boy, Olamide (yes; the musician) was on the stage later to set the hall ablaze. I had my dancing shoes on, of course, and though I was out of my league in a hall of high-adrenaline youths, I kind of like to think that I held my own.


The Nokia Asha 210 and 501 are in stores across Nigeria already. I should have units for review here on soon. I think that the 501 is the first of a game-changing lineage. Time will tell though.

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  1. I have been waiting for the 210..
    Qwerty, wifi. I will buy one.
    Please Mr mo, when is 210 coming up as deal of the week?

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