I am a fan of the TECNO Phantom 5. I have been using one as my primary device till date and it has succeeded in

Don’t do this at work: The TECNO Phantom 5 experience

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I am a fan of the TECNO Phantom 5. I have been using one as my primary device till date and it has succeeded in impressing me. Last week, I saw a nice Ad for the Phantom 5 on YouTube. When I first saw it, I sat there grinning from ear to ear. The Ad features a young man in suit at the reception of an office building. He plays on his Phantom 5 to pass time while waiting for his appointment.

I like the short video because it highlights all the things I like about the Phantom 5 – fingerprint unlocking, high fidelity audio, great camera, and 4G LTE internet.

First up, is fingerprint unlocking. This is perhaps the greatest feature that brings convenience to the phone. In the Ad, the guy turns his phone around to place his index finger on the fingerprint scanner. I think that is not quite a convenient way to use it. How I use mine is pick it up facing me and my index finger automatically resting on the scanner at the back. The display comes alive and unlocks in that single, swift move. No flipping around or anything. But I am nit-picking; right? If he enjoys using it that other way…..

Phantom 5 fingerprint scanner
This photo illustrates how I use the fingerprint scanner on the Phantom 5..

The Ad demonstrates the immersive media experience on the Phantom 5 – again, the guy is transported into a live concert experience. After this, you will see him being transported from the present into memories of good times with the camera. This is then followed by another transportation into a Roman theatre where two gladiators are slugging it out. He almost gets his head chopped off too and is timely transported back to reality where a lady summons him for his appointment. God saved him.

It is an entertaining video that is quite well done. It strikes a cord with me. I can testify to the fact that while the 5’s loudspeaker isn’t stereo, it churns out great quality audio that comes close to what obtains on devices with stereo speakers. The camera is really good too, and my Smile 4G LTE SIM works with the Phantom 5 without hitches for my mobile broadband needs.

Here is the video of the Ad for your own viewing::

Like all good Ads, it uses a bit of exaggeration and comedy to drive home the message, and I think it is nicely done using imagery that many of us are familiar with.

Your thoughts?


  1. Guess fingerprint scanners are the next features to become an intergral part of a Smartphone experience,hopefully it will be a matter of time before it trickles down to the lower end of the Smartphone spectrum..

  2. This stuff is pretty damn impressive. I don’t have to break the bank to get a Samsung when I can get all the features with this.

  3. Seen the AD already. Pretty cool. A lot of the features on the Phantom 5 are just as wowing. I’m using a TECNO Phantom 5 to cover the Lagos Fashion & Design Week. Amazing photography.

    Will share photos on my website. Meanwhile, can I feature this post on http://www.barbaric.com.ng ? I’ll give necessary credit, and link back to your page.


  4. Sure thing, Bar Baric. Please go ahead and feature this post on your website.

    And I am looking forward to seeing your photos from Lagos Fashion & Design Week. My experience with the Phantom 5 too is that it takes really good photos.


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