Chrome Extensions add extra functionailities to those built into Chrome browser. Here are five you should consder for richer and more productive browsing n the


Don’t Enter 2019 Without These Five Chrome Extensions

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Chrome Extensions add extra functionailities to those built into Chrome browser. Here are five you should consder for richer and more productive browsing n the year ahead.


So, we are just a stone throw from 2019 and you are probably in multiple strategy sessions aimed at ensuring success next year. Obviously, you have various strategies for different areas of life. However, your favourite tech blog has got you well covered in the browser area (bet you didn’t think of that one).

No worries, we did and that’s what counts. So, we have picked out five exciting Chrome browser extensions that you absolutely must install before marching resolutely into 2019. You ready? Ok, let’s dive right in!


Here are the Chrome Extensions


Lifewire com
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A product of, this extension enables you to shorten, measure and optimize your links. If you are a digital marketer, it will certainly make life easier for you. Remember those times when you wanted to share a link on social media and it looked just too long? Well, Bitly automatically creates short versions of any link.

If you want to customise a link with your domain name, the enterprise version of this product makes the task a breeze. As a digital marketer, you probably want to see how those links are doing. Simply look up that data via the Bitly app. Sharing is also made very easy when you connect your social media accounts to the app. Just click and send.


Number of Users: 468,105


Chrome Extensions: RiteTag

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Secnd on our list f valuable Chrome extensions is RiteTag. Are you looking to generate traction for your content on social media using hashtags? You have to know which hashtags are hot and which are not. This extension automatically tells you how a hashtag is faring using colour codes. So, once you start typing a hashtag, it gets coded in colours representing the following status:

  1. Green: This means that using the hashtag will give your content immediate visibility
  2. Blue: This means that the hashtag will give your content visibility over time
  3. Grey: This means the hashtag has low engagement level so content visibility will follow suit
  4. Red: This means your content will be lost in that hashtag because of its high popularity

You also get hashtag suggestions for texts and images. Simply right click on any image or selected text and click to get hashtag suggestions.


Number of Users: 22,392


Chrome Extensions: Mozbar

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This one is a must-have for digital marketers. If you are an SEO professional, getting accurate data about competitor sites (and yours of course!) is absolutely necessary. The developers describe it as an all-in-one SEO toolbar for immediate research. If you are looking to get the page/domain authority of any website, get data on the page elements, markups, HTTPS status and even export SERP results in CSV format, this is the best browser extension tool for that. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks, you can upgrade to the pro version and get extra features such as keyword difficulty, page optimisation details and suggestions as well as SERP analysis data.

Number of Users: 561,554


Giphy For Chrome

Chrome Extensions

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Animated (Graphic Interchange Format) GIFs have become the rage lately with widespread usage on social media channels. Of course, one picture is worth a thousand words so an animated one should be worth more! The primary importance of GIFs in content is to increase engagement and with Giphy, you can get the very best from its massive database. It is also a no-frills extension. Just drag and drop the GIF of your choice without fuss.

Number of Users: 182,188


Stay Focusd

Stay Focused - Chrome Extensions

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Just as the name says, this extension puts power back in your hands to get the important things done. No matter how brilliant your strategy for success in this coming year may be, it will fail without the requisite amount of focus on critical tasks. So, you realise that some websites tend to waste time, right? So, this extension actually restricts the time you spend on such sites.

Well, this might take some weaning on your part to make it work perfectly but remember, you’ve got to ‘stay focusd’ to make your strategies work in 2018. How does the extension work? Set the time you intend to use on a specific site and once that time is up, it will become inaccessible to you on your browser until the following day. Isn’t that amazing? What’s more? You can even block entire sites or simply restrict specific pages, sub-domains or on-page content such as games or images.

Number of Users: 744,257

So, we hope these Chrome extensions will help you make the most of your 2019 productivity strategies.

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