• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

African Startup TV is proud to showcase House Of Usanga fashion collection, a contemporary African fashion label in Lagos. In a one-on-one chat with Mrs shummailte Usanga, the founder of House of Usanga, she told us how she found love in fashion after she escorted her friend to a fashion design training school.

She said that prior to learning how to make clothes, she had a mini-mart where she sells groceries but she had no joy in doing so. It was just something she had to do to leave home and return in the evening like every other person.

House Of Usanga on African Startup TV

She told me that it was a friend who constantly pestered her to go to a fashion design school, where she discovered her talent. The house wife cum fashion designer said that she was so determined to succeed that she started making dresses 3 months into her fashion design training.

Walking through her showroom now, one’s imagination went wild with visuals of what our African fabrics could do. The clothes were more glamorous than everything we saw online before approaching House Of Usanga for the interview. The factory is a standard one with various design equipment, heat transfer, sewing machines, embellishment and accessories etc.

Mrs Usanga shared a love story of how her husband stood with her all through the time she wanted to go for the training, invested in her and gave her everything she needed to get started. If you are a house wife searching for what to do or someone depressed and tired of your job, this episode will give you the necessary inspiration to be your own boss, Tune in.

The House Of Usanga Interview



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