When I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab, one of the very first disappointments that I had was that the version I bought didn’t have Android

Don't Have Android Market on your Galaxy Tab?

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When I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab, one of the very first disappointments that I had was that the version I bought didn’t have Android Market pre-installled.

Google Android MarketTruth be told, the moment I found out that it didn’t have Android Market, I wanted to immediately return it to the dealer. What made it worse was that the very next day after purchase, I met Samsung’s Assistant Manager. Seeing the device with me got him excited and he immediately asked if I had visited Android Market already. You needed to see the look of disappointment on his face when I told him that my device didn’t have the market pre-installed. He told me I had bought a version of the Tab that was not meant for the Nigerian market.

Looking For A Solution
Using an Android device that didn’t have the Android Market just made me feel like I was missing out on a world of possibilities. So “I determined never to give up”, but to go all out in search of a solution – albeit a legal one. I did find a solution and thought it would be nice to offer this information, as it is possible that there may be some who are in that position right now.

Here’s What I did

1. In the phone application, I entered the following, *#272*my IMEI number#

2. I was presented a list of sales code options, then I selected the XSG sales code.

3. After selecting XSG, I clicked Install

4. The Tab did a reboot and reset which took about 2 minutes.

5. When the Tab came back on, viola! There it was – the Android market app installed.

I hope that someone finds this tip useful. If you have any other Android device without the Market pre-installed, you might want to give the above tip a try too to see if it works and get back to us. Disclaimer: your actions are at yourt own risk.


  1. Wonderful tip worth saving.
    I feel you, am not even happy that we cant buy apps from there. Not been able to access the market at all is a great issue.

  2. this is a great tip. My philosophy is that without third party apps, a smartphone isn’t complete. Android users should take note! It’s quite possible that this tip may also be relevant to other Android manufacturers. And roastrinods too!

  3. Thanks for the tip, Dayo. I was able to assist my colleague get the android market on her device, though after some initial fright as I mistakenly chose an arabic option instead of XSG. It took some residual knowledge to go through the whole prosess again in arabic.

  4. Thanks a lot for the tip . I was just about to throw the device. Great help indeed.

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