Download 15,000 e-books for free on these select phones

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Samsung and Jumia have partnered with World Reader, a non-profit organisation, in an initiative that will promote literacy and education by pre-installing 15,000 free e-books in Samsung entry-level smartphones.

Customers can download about 15,000 e-books for free, thus reducing the cost and stress of having to seek for their hard copies. The selected smartphones are imbued with the latest Android software, powerful processor with long lasting battery life, as well as large memory of 4GB onboard which is expandable to as much as 64 GB. These devices are also provided with an additional 50GB Dropbox cloud memory to download and save books.

The select smartphones include: Ace 4 Lite, Ace 3, Trend Lite, J1, Star 2 Plus and Ace 4 Neo. The Samsung devices will also receive free regular updates of the World Reader app, enhancing the relevance of the content.


  1. because those are the devices students and young adults tend to buy and use (purchasing power)

  2. I’m curious as to the titles of some of these 15,000 books. Volume doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

    Someone needs to get one of the above phones and report back about the books.

  3. Seriously,I need to get these crappy phones to be qualified for the goodies?SMH..

  4. Yes @noni. One advantage is that most of the books are hard to come by.Moreso as our reading culture is gradually fading away.

  5. @Ola Joseph, how sure are you that most of the books being offered are “hard to come by”?

    I have yet to be convinced because a deal like this won’t be offered if there’s are royalties to be paid on the books. Even then, there’s no way Samsung will offer an entry level device with an offer of 15,000 e-books without making a profit at one end or the other.

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