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If you are reading this article, you are using cyber technology. That means that the Cyber-Crime Bill 2013 being put together by the Nigerian government will have some impact on you. If you have not read the document yet, it is time that you do. Download your copy below and feel free to discuss in the comments section.

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Download Cyber-Crime Bill 2013


  1. Interesting, I tried reading the document unfortunately all my eyes could see was ‘million’ ‘million’. Am not sure the Federal Government is aware of the age bracket of those who commit some of these crimes (15 – maybe 35 years or lower). Also my major criticism of this bill is that some of the terms could be broadly interpreted and result in suppression of freedom of speech. ‘ Political opponents beware.

    ‘Cyber stalking’ is now punishable by a fine of N2,000,000. It now means that ‘trolling’ is now a crime. So those of us who go on chat rooms to throw inflammatory spanners into the works are now potential criminals.

    The most disturbing part of the bill is that it in effect introduces the concept of ‘cyber policing’ it will in future make what the American Intelligence are currently doing look like a child’s play. An agency may be created in Nigeria with the sole purpose of monitoring what ‘netizens’ say on Facebook, twitter and……….the Mobility blog

    Wahala dey ooo! Any lawyers in the house? Please analyse the document and comment.

  2. This is so broad_based it is subject to gross abuse by the Prosecutor.

    I fear it SHALL be abused copiously.

    It will easily become a political weapon to stifle, stampede, stymy, suppress and gag.


  3. The Cyber Crime sounds hillarious to me, I mean we have a lot of other pressing issues to address in the country…

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