Download CradleCount 2.0 to prepare for your baby’s arrival

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CradleCount is a mobile app that helps pregnant women plan ahead for the arrival of their baby. According to Kesandu Nwokolo, the head of the app development team, CradleCount informs pregnant women how many days to the delivery of the baby with a daily countdown, provides pregnancy tips, and reminds them to register and follow up with their antenatal care. The implication is that it is a medical tool that has the potential to help lower both infant and maternal mortality rates.

Download CradleCount

What is new in CradleCount 2.0

The version 2.0 of the app comes with a totally revamped look and feel – a huge improvement over the debut version. But other improvements include the following:

  • enter and edit your name and your baby’s chosen name
  • you can put in your baby’s due date if you have calculated this prior to downloading the app, so it counts down towards it
  • choose frequency of pregnancy tips

Download CradleCount

CradleCount is currently available for Android smartphones. Download from Google Play.

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