Innjoo say they are selling mobile devices at the cost while taking a longer potential revenue stream from software. They are already rolling out their

From Innjoo: Download InnBrowser and InnCloud now; InnOS on the way

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Innjoo say they are selling mobile devices at the cost while taking a longer potential revenue stream from software. They are already rolling out their first set of software services, namely: InnBrowser, a web browser; and InnCloud, a cloud backup service. I have downloaded both apps and taken them for a spin.


InnBrowser Review

InnBrowser Homepage
InnBrowser is a visually appealing web browser. In the home screen, the address bar, which also doubles as search bar, is located at the top. Bookmarks are directly below that in circular icons. Next is a list of most visited websites. At the bottom of the app in a horizontal bar are Back and Front buttons, Home button, Menu button, and Tabs button.

The Home button is not programmeable. It always returns the user to the above described homepage. The Menu button gives the user access to extra buttons to add bookmarks, view existing bookmarks, view history, share the page, Settings, as well as an exit button.


The Tabs button lets you view and switch between open tabs. I opened up to 12 tabs, after which I stopped counting. Here is the Tabs view:
InnBrowser Tabs


Here is what your favourite mobile blog looks like in InnBrowser:


InnBrowser gives you the option to enable/disable Location Access, Adobe Flash and Advertising. It supports password saving, clearing of cache and history, JavaScript, Cookies, and more. It also lets you choose to restore open tabs on start. You are also able to adjust text size in the browser. There is support for text reflow in here too.

In use, InnBrowser loads pages fast and feels breezy to handle. So far, it feels like a well thought out job.


InnCloud Review

InnCloud Login
InnCloud is an online (cloud) backup service. At first launch, you have to create a user account. Pleasantly, it took less than 20 seconds or so to do that. A hate lengthy signup forms, so you have no idea how good it felt.


After creating my account, I logged in without any issues. Once inside, you see your user number and a count of your backup activities. I am user number 2,361 on InnCloud. Wow! 2,360 people beat me to it. Oh well…

InnCloud Moverick


Below that are presented the available services. For now, those are just contacts backup and restore. You can edit your account details and profile by tapping on your profile name at the top. For now, that is all there is to InnCloud, but I envisage that more features will be added to it over time.


Open to all Android smartphones

Both InnBrowser and InnCloud are open to all Android smartphones. In other words, you can install them not just on Innjoo phones, but also on your Android smartphones from HTC, Samsung, Sony, TECNO, etc.

InnOS Preview

InnOS coming soon
Innjoo also have plans for their own OS. At the least, it will be a slightly modified affair similar to what Gionee are doing. At the most extreme, it will be an outright fork of Android, similar to what Amazon and Nokia did. if a fork, Innjoo Store (another existing app) will outright replace Play Store. Interesting days ahead with Innjoo.


Download InnBrowser & InnCloud

In the meantime, you can download InnBrowser and InnCloud here: InnBrowser | InnCloud

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  2. Wondering why both apps aren’t firstly available on the innjoo store. Won’t be bad if they come bundled with the i2 and innOS is better off being a fork, don’t think people will be eager to try out an unknown, besides innJoo store is android based.

  3. Does this phone has support if anything goes wrong? Do they have a service centre here in Nigeria?

  4. I received a sorta mobile broadcast on tips on how to address the niggling memory issue which people must have complained about. This I suppose is a level of support. My take is these guys look more serious and methodical than Tecno and similar brands in the local market.

  5. Sometimes I just don’t understand why every android OEM wants to creat their own OS out of Android this will not bring any good to android, it will just continue to Fragment Android.

  6. Pls I want to know whether I can download inncloud at playstore. And can the inncloud be installed in another smart phone?

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