YouTube is internationally renowned as the leading and trending site when it comes to online videos. It has a limiting factor when it comes to downloading videos. Here are the best sites to download YouTube videos.

The Best Sites to Download YouTube Videos

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Are you looking for the best sites to download YouTube videos? You can stop searching now. Here is a detailed list to help you on your way.

YouTube is internationally renowned as the leading and trending site when it comes to online videos. The videos range from music videos, anticipated coming up movie trailers, movies and series, the famous highly viewed popular television shows and educative “how to do” tutorials in different genres, languages among others.

On the other hand, YouTube has a limiting factor when it comes to downloading videos. This is only manageable through specific computer software that might cost you and require installation. A more easy and flexible method is by visiting specific online sites that offer free online YouTube video downloading options.

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How to download YouTube videos

The Best Sites to Download YouTube Videos

Listed below are some of the best sites to consider.

Freemake Video Downloader

With a vibrant dominating orange themed website, Freemaker makes YouTube video downloading an interesting affair for millions of its users. A “free download” green icon at the top of the Freemake official website enables fast download of the latest version on one’s desktop for direct YouTube video downloading efficiency. It offers simple user instruction for first-time users understanding.

Its fast speeds are confined to its multithreading automation such as a 120min full high definition video takes a maximum of 4 minutes. It video conversion formats range from AVI, MP4, FLV and much more including DVD & Blu-Ray formats.

There are no annoying advertisements or pop-up giving the user ample time. One can simply copy- paste and search video URL and download. Its newer versions keep improving in speed and efficiency and even video editing options before downloads. Its parental control features are efficient for entire family usage.

YouTube Go app

iTube Studio

Best applicable for both Windows and Mac computer users with direct single click to download to one’s desktop. Its triple rapid download capacity accredits to its multi-threading mechanism. Inbuilt video converter enables downloading ones favorite YouTube video in preferred formats such as mobile and desktop formats and copy-paste a& search URL method. It goes further to offer an editable video library for all the history downloads for user sorting. Personification features such as hiding private videos through its private mode


With the right type of YouTube video URL, ClipConverter.CC enables you to download any type of video in different formats and saving of impressive HD videos ranging from 4K to 720p. Its converter allows one choose the best format to watch the video on their device and saving options of video and audio preference.


The site is effective for YouTube video downloads at a simple click. Its free trial is effective though one has to pay to unlock certain important features. Its converter allows variety formats like WAV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, among others. It offers a unique turbo mode to boost video downloading speed.


The site obligates the user to install it for effective YouTube video downloading. It offers the necessary instructions for downloading required videos and converts them in formats ranging from MP4, WEBM, MP3 among others. Its partner Opera is responsible for its fast video download and also posting adverts on the site.


To sum it up, YouTube video downloaders are quite effective in enabling millions of people enjoy their lives much better through accessing and downloading preferred YouTube videos in preferred formats, video quality, saving format, fast speeds, and customization. As listed, some of these best sites include Freemake Video Downloader, iTube Studio, ClipConverter.CC, KeepVid and

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  1. I really appreciate this, Mister Mo, apps like this are the kind of apps I’ve been looking for, I’m so happy to have seen this article. I need to try them out one by one, lol.

  2. There’s an easier way.

    On any video link you wish to download from…

    Go to the link, e.g –

    just delete the the “m” and the “.” And replace the two withh “ss” and it will take you to a site where download starts with a touch of a button.


  3. The Best Sites to Download YouTube Videos… im going to try it all

  4. I have being using for almost 4 years now. It’s a wonderful site to download YouTube video.

  5. Honestly, I tried several of the applications mentioned. What I like the most is CConvert. Though it has a lengthy process the quality of the video produced is okay. It works similarly like Acethinker Online Video Download. I actually use three of them. Both are the best options for me. I can download without worrying about malware that can affect my PC. I used to be scared of using such apps because I’m afraid that it might damage my Mac with a virus. So far, I did not find any concerning issues upon using it. You can also consider reviewing it.

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