Globacom data plans now give subscribers less data

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Subscribers of Globacom Nigeria are screaming blue murder over the new downward review of data allocation on the operator’s data plans. Before we look at why this review has happened, let us look at the new allocations you get on Globacom data plans when you subscribe for mobile internet on the network.

Globacom data plans

Here is what to expect from Glo’s Monthly data bundles going forward:

N1,000: 2GB

N2,000: 4.5GB

N2,500: 7.2GB

N3,000: 8.7GB

N4,000: 12.5GB

N5,000: 15.6GB

N7,000: 25GB

It is not clear at this time whether or not there is any bonus data available on top of each of the above bundles. One can imagine the outrage. Until this review, one got a whopping 4GB (1.6GB bundle data + 2.4GB bonus data) for just N1,000. The new reality is 50% of that.

Why The Downward Review Of Globacom Data Plans?

There is no way to tell exactly at this time, but users of Glo data plans will testify that the service has generally deteriorated in recent times. Glo 4G data, known to be far more stable than the operator’s 3G and 2G data connections, has become very unstable in recent times.

It is clear that Globacom’s network capacity has been overstretched by its very generous data bundles. perhaps, this downward review is their attempt to pull back from the brink of anarchy and restore better quality of service (QoS). I honestly hope that if nothing else, better QoS comes out of this review. Glo 4G tests my patience these days.

Or perhaps, Glo has found that the generous plans were not looking good on their bottom-line and so the review.

It could also be that the country’s telecom regulatory body has stepped in. Possibilities, possibilities.

If You Can, Go With Globacom 4G LTE

The downward review notwithstanding, Glo data plans remain the most affordable and most generous by far among the GSM operators. The next most generous network is Airtel Nigeria. And if you stay with Globacom data, if you can, stick to their 4G service.


  1. Oh no! Glo is really making me angry right now! How could they do this to us, when they know that most people depends on their affordable data plans. This is not acceptable.

  2. Right from time, I’ve always known nothing good comes out of glo. Slow network, unstable data prices. I stumbled on this tech blog online. Its really cool. Check it out.

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