Drool over the Maserati Quattroporte GTS, the 2015 QNX concept car

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The Quattroporte GTS is a drool-worthy luxury car from the stables of Italian carmaker, Maserati. QNX is BlackBerry’s software for automobiles. QNX has been able to improve vehicles by integrating implemented cloud-based diagnostics, engine sound enhancement, traffic sign recognition, collision warnings, speed alerts, and natural voice recognition.

Blackberry has been showcasing what QNX can do by creating concept cars. A concept car is created by modding a standard production vehicle with software and hardware to create user experiences that make driving more connected, more enjoyable and, in some cases, even safer. The Maserati Quattroporte GTS was chosen to be the 2015 QNX concept car.

QNX Maserati Quattroporte GTS

The question is, what does QNX bring to the table in this very elegant automobile? Ahhhhhh….

Get into the driver’s seat of this beauty and head out to the highways. The car lets you gauge the direction and proximity of objects to the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle — without having to take your eyes off the road. This makes for greater awareness of everything around you. Safety for all.

Many accidents happen because a driver approaches a corner too fast and then loses control. This baby warns you of possible collisions and recommends an appropriate speed for upcoming curves and corners.

QNX_2015_concept_car_Maserati full

If you are caught in traffic along the VI-Lekki axis at 3pm under the scorching sun, and you say, “It’s way too hot in here,” the HVAC system will recognise your voice and respond by adjusting the thermostat to lower the temperature further. Yes.

And should you get to the parking lot of Ikeja City Mall and run into one of those crazy situations in which an “international driver” has parked woefully and left you with a tight space – the only space available in the entire parking lot – QNX in the Maserati provides intelligent parking assist to help you back into that space. If you have onlookers, they will ogle the car and stare in amazement at how you managed the feat.

Of course, the car displays turn-by-turn directions on the dash for navigation, so that if you are visiting Abuja for the first time and every road looks the same to you, you do not end up at the wrong end of town. Lastly, the car provides integration with a wide variety of popular smartphones. You know how you love your smartphone and how it must key into every part of your daily routine. Perfect.

So, it isn’t a self-driving car yet, but it is one that greatly assists the driver and makes the driving experience much easier and safer.

Now, if only I can determine how many oil blocks I need to get my hands on in order to be able to afford. the Maserati Quattroporte GTS. Help me, somebody!


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