DSTV is a popular service here in Nigeria. You’ll find those dishes almost everywhere. DSTV Mobile, gives subscribers access to their favourite channels on the go. DVB-H…

DSTV Mobile from MTN

dstvmobileDSTV is a popular service here in Nigeria. You’ll find those dishes almost everywhere. DSTV Mobile, gives subscribers access to their favourite channels on the go. DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld) is a mobile broadcast technology that allows for the digital terrestrial broadcast of live television channels to a cellphone.


MTN are pioneers of mobile TV services here in the country and DSTV Mobile from MTN gives you accesss to ten (10) channels: CNN, African Magic, Super sports 3, Super Sports 9, Super sports update , Magic world, Channel O, Cartoon network, Trinity Brioadcasting, NTA2.

The service is free on the MTN network from now till March 2011, so you might just want to splurge on a compatible handset. Compatible handsets in the market include the Nokia 5330 TV Edition, Nokia N96 and ZTE F912.


You can purchase your Nokia 5330 TV Edition from the Mobility Nigeria Phone Store.

Do you already use the mobile TV service? Do you know anyone who uses it? What is battery life on the available phones like when used to watch TV? Do you think that theservice will catch on?


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  1. I’ve just called to confirm that the Nokia SU-33W TV Receiver- for phones without embedded “satellite dish” like my n73 is N12000. Considering I’ll be getting almost a year of free subscription, I think it is a bargain. And it gives me a good reason to finally update my phone’s firmware. Which means I’ll now be compelled to get a broadband usb modem since I have no access to wifi in my jungle.

  2. what I would love to know is whether the dvb-h broadcast signal is available EVERYWHERE in Lagos WHERE THERE IS GSM signal.

    I understand the dvb-h signals are available in lagos, abuja, port Harcourt and one other place I can not recall now.

    I have seen dstv in action on the nokia 5330, and it is quite impressive.

    my nokia 5800 supports dvb-h. it has tv- out. my immediate thought on hearing the dstv/mtn combo free offer [about a month ago] was: hey, I can buy the nokia tv receiver. connect to my phone, connect to my tv [AV] and save on my monthly dstv bills for about a year!.

    I understand the nokia 5330 can NOT be connected to a tv. a real deal breaker -since its screen size is rather small. it is my conjecture that a cost effective [say 15k], dvb-h equipped smartphone WITH TV- out – will sell like hot cakes NOW [S.A WORLD CUP]. is there any?

    I would have expected ALL phones with dvb-h capability to have a minimum screen size of 3 inches…

    if wishes were horses….

  3. I have my doubts concerning tv-out functionality for this service. It makes no business sense to Multichoice.

  4. @234connect, any phone that supports DVB-H broadcast can be used.. e.g motorola ve66, samsung p960. lg u-900
    e.g google ‘lg dvb-h’ for some lg phones supporting this…

    @igho, when the free viewing period ends, dstv will charge N1500/ month for the mobile tv service.

    if my dvb-h enabled phone has tv- out [and I do not already have dstv equipment], it encourages me to subscribe. that would represent ‘poor man’s dstv’

    the business sense manifests because multichoice will have gained an extra subscriber ! after all, the more subscribers, the more ( passive) income for them.
    they make the bulk of their money from subscriptions!

    having a cheap (cheaper than dstv decoder + dish) dvb-h enabled phone WITH tv-out functionality -would encourage more people to become subscribers to the dstv service. it makes business sense, bro!

  5. DSTV on mobile phone is an innovative and people oriented Technology. My gripe with it in Nigeria is that the DVB-H is only available in certain parts of Nigeria. Abuja, Lagos and PortHrcourt! And the phone used to advertise it is not a smartphone!

  6. i just bought the new mtn/dstv mobile phone on thursday. yesterday the phone hang and i switched it off, then later switched on, but since then i’ve not been able to watch my television, it will be showing me’unable to retrieve subscription’. pls, what can be the problem with the phone

  7. @Joy, try this:
    When you ve opened the mobile tv application, select the following:
    *Select options
    *Select organise
    *Delete all channels
    After this, you will need to repurchase subscription.
    The subscription process should go like this:
    *Select options
    *Channel Packages
    *Dstv mobile

    @Eyebeekay, thanks for the info.

  8. @Saheed Azeez, you have obviously bought the tv receiver.
    Can you please confirm how reliable (steady) the dvb-h broadcast is. Are there areas in Lagos where it did not work for you? How good is the battery life of the nokia tv receiver?
    I am on the verge of purchasing the tv receiver for use with my nokia 5800. Bit need talk life experience from someone who owns one…

  9. Eyebeekay, I ve not purchased the reciever yet but the mobile tv app has been installed on my phone. The tips I gave to Joy were gleamed from my fiddling with a friend’s Nokia phone.
    As for the reception of dvb-h broadcast in Lagos, I think it works quite well in all areas I ve been to.

  10. How can i download mtndstvmobile software on my nokia 5530 xpressmusic or watch suppersport on my phone.

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