The Netflix vs DStv battle has been brought to my door, with Netflix hounding me around with ads. I have had to ask myself if Netflix is really a better option for me. This article might help you answer the question, Is it now worth ditching your DStv subscription for Netflix?

Should you ditch your DStv subscription for Netflix?

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The Netflix vs DStv battle has been brought to my door, with Netflix hounding me around with ads. I have had to ask myself if Netflix is really a better option for me. Should I ditch my DStv subscription for Netflix? I analyse the situation and arrive at an answer. This article might help you answer the question too.

DStv has been my default television platform for years, whether it is for news, entertainment, or education. The same goes for every other member of my family. Actually, I don’t watch television much, so it serves other members of the family more than it serves me.

Mrs. Mo has a suite of favourite shows in the evenings, Monday to Friday, and the Mo kids have their favourites too. Me? I put on the TV when I am working so I have some sound in the background. I sit down to actually watch it only on occassion. Yes; I know I am an odd fellow.

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Should you ditch your DStv subscription for Netflix?

But in the last few weeks, Netflix has been chasing me around social media and offering me a free month trial. After the first month, I would have to subscribe. The Basic plan costs $7.99 monthly, which is about ₦2,840. That isn’t much, but if you add up Internet connection costs, I’d be looking at something in the range of at least ₦18,000 monthly to keep a Netflix subscription going. And I would be at the mercy of our very unstable ISPs.

To use Netflix, I need an unlimited data plan. Smile’s Unlimited data plan is throttled. So is Spectranet’s. Both ISPs throttle at around 100GB usage, and then you get dropped to a creepy-crawly speed. Ntel’s Unlimited Monthly data plan would have been my go-to, except that for some reason, their network is gone from my location. The last time I subscribed, it went to waste because of lack of network.

This is one of the biggest advantages of DStv yet – the fact that it does not depend on an Internet connection. Of course, in addtion to the TV, you can also stream your favourite shows via the DStv NOW app. On a few occassions, I have streamed on the app and it worked fine. Mrs Mo also has the app on her phone just in case she needs to catch up with one of her favourite shows.

Also note that Netflix’s Basic plan gives me access to watch on only one device. To get access to the same number of devices that I have on DStv (4 devices), I have to subscribe to the Premium plan for $12 monthly.

At first glance, Netflix might appear cheaper, but factor in your Internet subscritpion costs and you just might be shocked to see how much more you would spend on it each month.

irokotv in hand

In addition to DStv, I have an IROKOtv account which I haven’t bothered renewing. IROKOtv has some really good movies that I enjoyed watching occassionally last year before my subscription ran out.. But once my subscription expired, there has been no motivation to renew. As a matter of fact, if not for Mrs. Mo and the kids, the DStv account would be dormant too.

The summary is that I am not a television person. I am not keen at all. For the latest movies, I prefer to drive down to the cinema and enjoy the experience with others – shout, laugh and comment together with other viewers in front of a big screen.

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So, as it stands, DStv is likely to remain my default television platform for a while. It is the most cost-effective and most convenient option on the table for me (read the Mo family). That does not have to hold true for you. What you need to do is use the information I have provided above to work out what options are best for you (and your family).

Will you ditch your DStv subscription for Netflix?

The video entertainment wars is sure interesting. DStv wants your money. So do IROKOtv and Netflix, among others. Who gets it depends on a number of vairables in your life. Will you ditch your DStv subscription for Netflix? The ball is in your court.

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  1. The verdict is passed already. DSTV wins (for now). But, for the rest people who are on StarTimes subscription, I think it would a good idea to make them see whether they should switch over to DSTV or continue to enjoy the bouquets on StarTimes.

  2. As someone who was on StarTimes, DSTV was not something I would consider. I have a Netflix subscription so between those two I honestly don’t think I’m missing much. I used to have an IrokoTV subscription but I felt it wasn’t worth it so didn’t renew.

    For anyone who has DSTV as a household staple, I can’t see how beneficial it would be to ditch that for Netflix. The real question to me would be: can you live without DSTV in favour of Netflix?

  3. Your reasoning is valid, but I suspect that the fact that DsTv is also quietly or loudly introducing their own streaming platform must mean they know something we don’t know.

  4. Has Mr Mo consider the internet option. With it, it seems for me that streaming is the way to go.

    I dumped dstv recently after returning from overseas vacation. I discovered that Showmax subscriptions is everything DSTV minus live shows.

    With Roku streaming device on living room TV since last year and chromecast device on family room TV now, I have settled for streaming TV with limit free Tizeti WiFi.Ng monthly subscription of N9,500.

    Even with the minor hiccups here and there, the experience is still better than the DStV hiccups during when it rains.

    I also find out that it is trending round the world to dump pay tv for streaming services. It is way cheaper.

    With the free bouquet of Tubi, Popcornflix, etc. And showmax (less than 3000), DSTV is going to gradually lose customers.

    Showmax makes sporting events available live.

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