Dual-SIM phones are for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes…

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CNET has an article covering a rumour about the likelihood of Nokia and HTC working on producing dual-SIM Windows Phone smartphones, kicking off the article with the following tongue-in-cheek line:

Nokia and HTC could be about to make life easier for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes with dual-SIM smart phones.

I had no idea that these were the target audiences for dual-SIM phones! Now you know: if you are not an adulterer, bigamist or superhero, you have no business with a dual-SIM phone. I would have thought that spies, thieves and fraudsters would be included on that list as well. But then, what do I know? There, you have been entertained.



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  1. ///Nokia and HTC could be about to make life easier for adulterers, bigamists and
    superheroes with dual-SIM smart phones.///

    .. about to make life easier?

    I am confused as to how Dual Sim phones would do that.

    I would rather say that mobile technology has made life easy for people who want to be clandestine in their communication, or play Secret Service .

    Even with Single SIM devices , there are apps that could hide things from prying eyes and suspicious minds…

    Apps exist that can obliterate call and sms logs instantaneously, as well as hide them .

    Apps can surreptitiously forward sms received / sent… to another phone, secretly, record conversations, remotely turn on the recorder etc.

    They can hide ‘for my eye only’ documents, in addition to passwording (what the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve about)

    So, I would conclude that, that quoted statement is replete with lots of tunnel vision, and the parochialism needs serious broadening..

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