Dual SIM swagga – LG C310

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If you are out looking for a hardware QWERTY Dual SIM device that delivers on email (POP3/IMAP), basic web browsing, and social networking, perhaps you should consider the LG C310.

The C310 has dual standby functionality, meaning that both lines are active simultaneously. Network data is GPRS and EDGE. There’s only 15MB of memory built in, but then there’s a microSD slot that is compliant with cards up to 4GB.

The keys are large and comfortable to use, and the display is TFT. The camera is only 2megapixel, but that is to be expected of a device in the price range of N20,000. There’s also Bluetooth, microUSB, music player, video player, and a number of other features.

  1. This article just reminded me – the universal numbering system was scheduled to start this April.
    Are we still on target?

  2. I will certainly recommend this phone.

    And PLEASE, when is Nokia E7 coming to Nigeria. I am getting impatient and Android is becoming more and more Inviting with fancy UI and Geeky functions.

  3. How does this compare to the Samsung Chat322? I am reconsidering my mobile options no thanks to Glo who deactivated my main line for 10 days now, just to migrate the line from postpaid to prepaid platform.
    I have acquired two lines from other networks but only want to carry two very light phones and not three phones.

  4. Thanks Shayman, I got one yesterday. Yes smaller and fewer features but quite cute, compact and light. Great for calls but challenging for text if you don’t have 20-20 vision. All I need now is a monster screen device for data.

  5. brym,

    Migration from postpaid to prepaid is always a pain. Usually, it also means that you eventually forget about the line and get another. Got my fingers burnt several years ago and I have since stayed away from anything postpaid like its the plague.

  6. Yes Yomi, it is realy a pain. My big grudge is that not one of six glo customer care staff I spoke to informed or hinted me that it will take this long to migrate.
    Am using Etisalat as my main line now while my MTN data line is a back up line.

  7. Battery life of the Samsung Chat322 is top notch, it can last two full days with average usage.

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