Dual Wi-Fi is a feature that allows your device connect to, and use, two different wi-fi hotspots at the same time.

Dual Wi-Fi: What it is and how it makes your device better

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Dual Wi-Fi, different from Dual band Wi-fi, is a feature that allows a smartphone or other device to connect to two different wi-fi hotspots at the same time.

The feature was first introduced on OPPO and Vivo smartphones in July 2019. OPPO calls it Dual Wi-Fi Network Acceleration, while Vivo calls it Double Wi-Fi Acceleration.

The feature makes use of DBS/DBDC chip capabilities to allow a device connect to two Wi-Fi networks simultaneously.

Benefits of Dual Wi-Fi Network Acceleration

Having dual or double Wi-Fi means a device can enjoy better bandwidth, take advantage of the faster of the two connections, and even enjoy better stability by using the other connection should one of them fail.

Dual Wi-Fi network acceleration demo by OPPO

In a demonstration video, the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is seen connecting to a 2.4 GHz and a secondary 5 GHz network, with a resultant increase of up to 322% in download speed, and up to 44% increase in page loading speed when compared with regular Wi-Fi connectivity.


This double w-fi technology is new and available only for the Reno 10x zoom version right now. If you own this device, you can go to the Color OS online community to download and install the software to enable the functionality on your phone.

It will appear on more models and spread to other smartphone and gadget brands over time.


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