Would you dump Google Chrome for Samsung Internet?

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Most smartphone users already have their preferred browser apps, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser. However, this has not stopped Samsung from releasing their own browser. Samsung’s Internet app may seem superfluous when a device already has other browser apps, but then it has some attributes that set it apart. For one thing, Samsung Internet has extension support, so users can download a separate content blocker to filter out malicious ads. There are also some handy features, including a night mode, which darkens a web page’s interface. Also, the battery life is reportedly better than Chrome.

Now, Samsung has announced that any user using a device with at least Android 5.0 Lollipop can download the beta version of Samsung Internet. Now, the performance of this app would certainly depend on your smartphone. Some users who have downloaded Samsung Internet reported that it worked just fine for them, and there have not been any crashes or errors while browsing. One user did report that one of his Adblock plugins said it was not compatible with his device. However, that is an issue that can likely be fixed by getting a different plugin. So, one could say that Samsung Internet is a good browser.Samsung Internet

Furthermore, to streamline setup, Chrome desktop users can download the Samsung Internet plugin to synchronize their bookmarks and passwords. however, this means creating a Samsung ID to sync the data. But this is not a big deal. Once signed into the account on both the mobile and inside the Chrome browser, importing bookmarks is as easy as clicking the Import button inside the extension’s settings. The default home screen and search engine for Samsung Internet are Google, just like most Android users are used to.

Now, all reports seem to suggest that the Samsung Internet browser is the real deal. The question, however, is this: would you dump Google Chrome, or your favorite browser, for it?


  1. Nope I wouldn’t. They have a lot of battles to fight if they want to be up there.
    I think they can do better with the sha.
    “Samsung internet” hian!!

  2. No, I won’t dump any of the two, I will rather have both in my device, since they are both useful in their own ways. Let me go and try the Samsung Internet now and see how it works.

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