The most durable smartphone of 2017 is Nokia 6

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JerryRigEverything’s speciality is stress testing and tearing down smartphones to determine durability and repairability. Sounds like fun stuff. He has put up a 2017 awards for phones based on the results he got testing them during the year, and he says Nokia 6 is the most durable smartphone of that year.

most durable smartphone - Smartphone durability award

It isn’t just the Nokia 6 alone that is well made though. While it sits at the top of the pile, Jerry says all the new Android Nokia phones are sturdy and durable.

It looks like HMD Global is living up to Nokia’s legend in durability. Nokia phones have been known for their sturdiness. Whether it was the basic phones like the Nokia 3310 series or the rock star business smartphones like the Nokia 9500 and E90 Communicators and others in their line, Nokia phones were rock solid.

It is good that the new generation of Nokia phones are living up to that, even if they haven’t exactly lived up to the photography reputation of their predecessors.

While we are on Nokia phones, analysts estimate that HMD Global shipped 8.45 million Nokia smartphones in 2017. What are your thoughts? Is this a good start?

Most Durable Smartphone Awards 2017 Video

Here is Jerry’s smartphone durability awards video:

You can also enjoy his Nokia 6 teardown and durability videos below.

Most Durable Phone of 2017

Nokia 6 Teardown:

Nokia 6 Durability:

Nokia 6 Is A Mascot

Besides the durability award, Nokia 6 has proven to be one of the most popular Nokia smartphone of 2017 as well, if not the most popular. Enthusiasts love it as much as developers love it.

Perhaps it is that one Nokia phone that strikes the best balance between features, premium build, timely software updates and price. Perhaps it is for some other reason.

If you are interested in the Nokia 6, don’t forget to check out its specifications.


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