e-books: Lape Soetan offers 7 steps to meeting the One, and more!

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Did you know that to get the relationship you want, how the other person will make you feel is more important than how the person looks? Or that being a single woman in your thirties and resident in the urban cauldron that is Lagos doesn’t have to come with #desperate?

Well, whether you think you know or not, get ready to learn a few things, people, because award-winning author and lifestyle blogger, Lape Soetan is revealing it all in her newest e-books, 7 Steps to Meeting the One and How to be a Single Woman in your 30s in Lagos.


Let’s admit it, shall we? Being young, single and free has its perks (for some, too many to count) but that day will come when even poster boys and girls for the single life may wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. In 7 Steps, Ms Soetan says it’s a whole garden of delights when you get to meet The One. And one sure way of hooking up with your ideal partner? Become that which you seek.

There’s more sage advice in store for the not-insignificant population of single, thirty-something females who have a corner in the City of Hustlers a.k.a Lagos. Contrary to the urban legends and according to the straight-talking author, time is not running out on these ladies.  In fact, things are actually looking up, as far as living and loving go. Age, which may be nothing but a number, could turn out to be a great asset if harnessed right. How?  Lape Soetan delivers tips, clues and answers in a breezy yet profound, informative, easy-to-relate-with style.

Knowledge is Power. And Ms Soetan supplies a whole load of it in these articulate, well-researched e-books. Plug in at lapesoetan.com/shop to buy the e-books 7 Steps to Meeting the One for one thousand naira only and five hundred naira for How to be a Single Woman in your 30s in Lagos and get empowered.


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  1. Wow. So affordable. Our ladies and gents should afford themselves this opportunity to learn from Soetan everything that could be of help to them in their journey.

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