Here One earbuds are a first in audio-oriented augmented reality

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I’m sure you must have heard all about Google Glass. That’s basically a pair of augmented reality glasses. Augmented reality is the in-thing now, dudes; everyone wants a piece of that augmented-reality cash now. Therefore, every tech giant worth listening to is investing in some form of augmented reality. However, most of these guys focus on making this stuff for the eyes. Enter Doppler Labs, a US-based company who created the Here One earbuds, the first augmented reality earbuds. Wait, don’t spill your coffee yet.

The Here One earbuds are similar to the Apple Airpods we love to hate. However, it goes a few steps further than just blasting shitty music into your ear. Now, you can look like a dork and hear exactly what you want to hear. Basically, it’s an in-ear computer with smart listening capabilities. These buds will change your listening experience; now, you can comfortably listen to your favorite music while conversing with your friends, and you can hear both clearly. Spill your coffee now.

Here One Augmented Reality earbuds

You know how you have always wanted to listen to your favorite tracks while commuting to work, but the sound of the vehicles on the road always gets in? The Here One will completely filter out the background noise. In fact, reviews have described the experience as “mind-blowing”. Also, the earbuds are fantastic at amplifying the sound you actually want to hear.

According to one reviewer, “listening to music with the Here One feels like fanning out a deck of cards. You’ll discover that there’s more to songs you thought you knew well”. Well, if this translates to anything like “you’ll be able to hear all the individual instruments as clearly as if they were right there with you”, then I’m in. Oh, wait – that’s exactly what the earbuds do. Furthermore, the earbuds can place the sound in the correct space. If someone is speaking behind you while you’re wearing these earbuds, you’ll hear them behind you. Man, that’s so cool.

Man, the Here One earbuds sound like a really cool piece of tech to have around. If only I had $300 lying around somewhere. . .

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