We have been running some interesting discussions on the BlackBerry brand for a while now. My incendiary article, What Did You Say Was Wrong With

Easter 2012 Winner Of A BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 – Udegbunam Chukwudi

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We have been running some interesting discussions on the BlackBerry brand for a while now. My incendiary article, What Did You Say Was Wrong With BlackBerry? has attracted over a hundred comments in the roughly one week that it has been online.

As a followup to that, I put up another article to give BlackBerry users a chance to tell us about their experiences with the brand.

Unknown to us, the folks at RIM PR here in Lagos had been following the two discussions. Yesterday evening, I received a phone call from an official there and we talked about the articles. The part that will interest you is that we were sent a brand new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 to give out to one lucky commenter on the second article dedicated to BlackBerry users.

Our lucky winner is Udegbunam Chukwudi, who currently uses a BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300. You can read his comments here and here.

Hi second comment reads:

That said I’m sticking with the BlackBerry brand till death do us part! Lol.

I’m already planning on getting an OS 7 device soon

His dream just came true faster than he thought – and for free too. The top dog BlackBerry is his!

Congrats, Chukwudi. Do mail your address to mobility AT mobility.com.ng, so we can ship your device to you next week.

NB: Our thanks to the folks at RIM for the BlackBerry 9900 gift!


  1. OMG! It is a lie! Lol

    Chei! I win something for this life. Na wa oh!

    To the guys at RIM, I say a big thank you. This is the greatest easter ever. Love the brand and I meant every single word!

    @Oga Mobility: thanks a lot for allowing me to express my views and being a part of this blog and the BBM group. I remain a fan for life and looking forward to better bizness in the future, if you catch my drift!

  2. Wow, Congrats. Walls definitely have ears. Kudos to the Mobility Nigeria crew, u guys are the best. CHEERS!!!

  3. Congrats Udegbunam Chukwudi – I can tell you if you loved the Curve 3G, you will be addicted with the Bold 9900. It’s a beautiful device.

  4. Congratulations, Chukwudi… but dear RIM, I too am sticking with the Blackberry Porsche till death do us part.

    Dear Mr Mobility, please check your e-mail for my address.

    Mrs Hope.

  5. Congrats chunwudi. Really happy for you. It can be really rewarding being on this blog. Keep up the good work guys at Mobility. Proud to be here.

  6. Congratulations Chukwudi. I’m really impressed the gift came without first announcing a promo so people are free to express there true feelings about the BB brand.

  7. @Chuckwudi,

    Congrats man. And welcome to the club of winners on mobility blog.

    Your prize doesn’t come as a surprise to me. You have been one consistent and dedicated dude on this blog and been around a long time contributing positively.

    Anyway sha a dey green with envy here o. How I wish Apple would do the same for some of us using their products. (wishful thinking 😀 ). Now that I know RIM has its ears to the ground on mobility blog, my ol BB 8900 will be my official posting phone here ????lol.

    @Mr Mobility,
    Keep up the good work. More grease to your elbow. God bless

  8. Wow!! Congrats to our dear winners…i would also like to win a Galaxy tab…Mr Mobility,pls kindly contact samsung peeps too oo..i don’t mind writing an article on how much i crave for a samsung galaxy tab…well done all the same sir!!

  9. Congrats chuks…now that you have a bold 9900. I wouldnt mind if you dash me your curve 9300 o..at me and you can start ‘pinging’ and am serious o! Happy Easter

  10. Congrats doc, this shows wishes do come true.
    Now for my wish, â honda crosstour……………. (Wish! Don’t dull o!)

  11. @Deoladoctor: thanks man. The feeling is second to none. Lol

    @Shayman: heya! Told my lil sis about d win last nite and the next thing dat left her mouth was oya forward that curve to me sharp sharp.

    @Nikky: lwkmd. Dis you wish dikwa somehow. Maybe na Globacom promo go make am come true. Just keep recharging.

  12. I’m really finding it hard to believe that those guys up there listen, its a good development, I even love them more for the fact that there was no unnecessary fanfare on tv before they announce their gifts.

  13. RIM has really done well. I’m hearing something like this for the first time. RIM, keep up the good work. Mr Mobility, more power to your elbow.

  14. @DrChuks: na u b d happening dude in town. Wishes come true trutru. Abeg send me the new PIN in a DM bro since u r shipping the curve already… BetterThingsAheadMan
    @MrMobility: this is a first and like they say @ 7up “the diff is clear” others may follow but this is d first wey me dey hear…
    @spacyzuma: abeg I’m so loving the opportunity DrChuks offered moi by asking Admin to send me an invite on the mobilityBBMgroup.
    May all our dreams come tru, guess RIMotion don start the RIAction era we craved for.

  15. Congrats Udegbanam Chukwudi. It is a great thing winning the coveted price. Chei, I was tempted to buy a Blackberry curve and comment o! Well, I shouldn’t cry over spilt milk!

    On another note, I was half expecting the worthy Eye.Bee.Kay. To win something so that he can finally put his veteran Nokia 5800 to rest! Even God knows that it has served you well. It is your trusted General!! I know that’s the only way Glenda can leave him alone. Maybe he will win the next prize. lol. But Abeg, Glenda, please cut him some slack. Thanks in advance. 😀

  16. SolaONI,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    This is actually not the first time a Mobility reader is walking away with a free smartphone.

    Individuals like Afewgoodmen (a Nokia smartphone), Deoladoctor (a Samsung smartphone) and Bankole Oluwafemi (a Nokia phone) have been winners of various devices in the past.

    I also remember that someone here on Mobility got a Nokia E7 courtesy of Nokia not too long ago.

    We intend to keep the flag flying. Hang around. It can only get better.

  17. @Afewgoodmen: thanks.
    @SolaOni: I still dey use the curve till dis small holiday finish and we make arrangement for receiving the phone for this desert!

    I go send you the new pin and madam cole go delete and re-add me to the group.

  18. @SolaONI those are true words from Mr. Mobility. I’ve won a second price Smartphone from this very Mobility Blog site. I’m a loyal contributor and was and is still is grateful for that incredible feat. There’s nothing better than a free gift!

    Thanks, Mr. Mobility!

  19. Waoh! Have been around for long too! How come have never won anything? Hmmmmm…..oga oo

  20. @Shayman,

    Do not despair my brother. Patience and persistence have their own rewards. And don’t forget the element of luck. Nevertheless we are all winners on mobility blog. Am sure you have gained a lot since you started on this site just as I have.

    Getting a smartphone gift is just one of the innumerable gains you have being a member of this blog family. Though I must confess that winning a smartphone here, a Samsung Wave for that matter, still makes me feel I belong to a special class.

    Long live Mobility Blog. Long live the mobility gang. We are all winners.

  21. Let it also be remembered that I said this; “I’m sticking with the Samsung Galaxy Note till death do us part! Lol. I’m already planning on getting an android tablet soon” 🙂

  22. :'( why is it not me. I am loyal to bb and I use a curve 9300. Whyyyyyyy. Whyyy. Nooooooooooooooooooooo.
    I am just so depressed. This is not fair :'((

  23. @good why are you depressed. Its just a phone…i see the bold 9900 almost everyday and I seem to have forgotten its a ‘big’ phone…its still a blackberry, nothing special my brother….

  24. @good – at least you have a Blackberry! The past few phones I’ve ever had were given to me. My friends who are now users of shiny new phones are smiling patronisingly at me because I’ve chosen to get a Blackberry. My friend’s 12 year old daughter even said to me that the Curve is a children’s phone, can you believe that??

    I’ve never won anything and won’t be holding my breath, so take heart. One day your turn will come and who knows? What you may win may be even better 🙂

  25. @Chuks, congrats man; good one RIM and big ups to @MM for providing this excellent platform for interaction on all things mobile. Happy Easter everyone.

  26. I trust Mr Mobility to sustain the high standard here. Any attempt to modify contributions or hypnopulate(my hybrid word) intaractions here,so as to influence wining a free gift will be crushed by the mobilty check force.Just be yourself! while making your contribution, ensure geting a free gift is the least on your mind.
    Doc Chukwu,congrats! the Master Programmer chose you amongst others.hence you are blessed.

  27. The best thing about Chuks’ win is that it was decided externally and was pretty impartial.

    Winning anything here is a bonus, the Mobility experience far exceeds any prize any of us could win.

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