Easy Hack!! How to bypass waiting for lives on Candy Crush

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Crossing that particular level became so hard, she tried and tried, but just couldn’t clear all the jelly before she ran out of moves. Again and again, she tried. The last time out, after nearly swatting the last jelly, there was no other candy combination to close by, and just two moves left.

The anger built up in her guts, “Which kind winch be this” she muttered. The level ended. She clicked “Try Again” and the game said to wait for 15 minutes to continue. She sighed.

Only Candy Crush fans can relate 🙂

Candy-Crush-CoverIf you don’t wanna wait for that time to pass, here’s an easy hack to bypass that and continue your gaming:

  • Exit the app.
  • Go to Settings> Date and Time> Disable or Untick Set Automatic Date and Time.
  • Set the date and time to 1 day earlier or 1 day ahead and Save.
  • Go back to the game and ensure your lives are back.
  • Return to Settings >Date and Time and Reactivate Automatic Date and Time.
  • Go back and continue your game.


  • This trick works for Androids, iOS devices and Blackberries too.
  • It also works for other games that offer waiting times.
  • Be warned that changing your time may affect your alarms, schedules and Calendar.



  1. I tried this once, never again. Decided in future that I was patient and not addicted enough to wait for lives and distracted myself with another game.

    If you have it on more than one device and synch via Facebook, it isn’t an issue – unless you’re a real addict!

  2. My niece is addicted, I simply got her a mod. unlimited everything. she plays till her phone battery runs out of juice.

  3. Great Game until I got STUCK on stage 104,haven’t attempted it in the past 8 months,my wife will love the cheat though she’s mad for it..

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