EasyBlaze subscribers face issues with WhatsApp, other services

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Etisalat Mifi

There appears to be network issues specific to Etisalat mobile internet currently going on. I first got a whiff this morning when a BB10 user on Etisalat complained of not receiving or being able to send out WhatsApp messages. We went through all the options to eliminate options, and the only point of trouble left was Etisalat. I advised her to call Etisalat customer care to report the issue.

Being on Smile 4G, my WhatsApp has been working fine, and I chatted with a number of users all day – all of whom were not on Etisalat. Then I sent a WhatsApp message to a MOBILITY team member who is on Etisalat: the message was sent, but till now has not been delivered.

Tonight, I switched my internet connection to Etisalat and composed a few WhatsApp messages: none of the messages have gone through. In addition, while MOBILITY.ng and several other websites load on the Etisalat connection, a few other websites that I tried to visit are not loading till now. One of them is GSMArena – and I had no trouble accessing that site before I switched to Etisalat.

Clearly, something is up between Etisalat and WhatsApp servers, and between Etisalat and a number of other servers.

Update: The Etisalat user who first raised this issue to me earlier today has confirmed tonight that she called Etisalat customer care as I advised and they confirmed that the issue was from their end.

Seeing that Etisalat has acknowledged the problem, subscribers can expect a resolution ASAP.

  1. Hmm. This Reemphasizes The Common Wisdom That. If You Need To Be Online Without A Break, You Can’t Rely Totally On A Single Network.. Even The Normally Reliable Etisalat…

    Being Down Occasionally Is No Shame.. The Downtime Longevity / Frequency Is The Real Koko.. Hope It Has/Would Be Fixed In A Jiffy..

    Easyblaze? ## Riding Off In A Blaze Of Fury To The Land Of The Yellow Network 😉 ##

  2. Experienced the same issue…thought it was my innjoo i1s, also couldn’t download or update apps from playstore, tried every known trick to no avail. Uninstalling and How far, let’s chat on WhatsApp the whatsapp apk (since playstore was off) got it working. Never thought the issue was with Etisalat. Will check playstore now….

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