Etisalat Nigeria have re-packaged their mobile internet plans. 100MB Plan – N1,000 – Dial *229*2*1# to activate 500MB Plan – N3,000 – Dial *229*2*2# to

EasyNet Recharged – New Data Plans and Offer from Etisalat Nigeria

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easynet recharged
Etisalat Nigeria have re-packaged their mobile internet plans.

  • 100MB Plan – N1,000 – Dial *229*2*1# to activate
  • 500MB Plan – N3,000 – Dial *229*2*2# to activate
  • 1.5GB Plan – N5,000 – Dial *229*2*4# to activate
  • 3Gb Plan – N6,500 – Dial *229*2*3# to activate
  • 6GB Plan – N8,000 – Dial *229*2*5# to activate

Other Plans include:

  • Daily Plan (24 hours) – 10MB – N100 – Dial *229*3*1# to activate
  • Weekly Mobile Bundle (7days) – 50MB – N500 – Dial *229*3*4# to activate
  • Night Time and Weekends (Mon – Thurs; 9pm-7am) (Fri – Mon; 9pm-7am) – 3GB – N5,000 – Dial *229*3*3# to activate

Etisalat are also offering up to 1GB free data depending on the plan you purchase.

Purchasing the 1.5GB plan gives you 500MB to use in the next month. Buying either of the 3GB and 6GB plans, gives you 1GB free to use in the next month. This freebie is a limited-time offer running for three months only.


  1. More options. Greater value.

    Should garner etisalat even more patronage (on data, at least)

    Good effort.

  2. FRANKLY SPEAKING NON OF THEM ARE THERE YET!I will cut them some slack here.They have a better weekly plan than mtn in terms of mobile data but mtn exceeds them in terms of night browsing though their browsing period is longer plus the weekend stuff.These gsm networks are they dumb? Why will i spend #5000 or #6000 for 1.5GB & 3GB of data when adding #3000 or #2000 gives me 6GB for 24hrs for 30days? Thats why i have stuck with mtn’s night plan of 3GB which gives me the freedom of spending #5000 for 6GB or #10000 for 12GB of data and thanks to bzeek my home is now a mini wireless world.

  3. Nice offers with generous bonuses but sorry etisalat, I can’t go with you. Once bitten twice shy.

    Network instability and gprs failure on etisalat are real problems for those of us not resident in the metropolis.

  4. Sad. Networks overseas have much better data plan.

    I wonder when we’ll meet up in Nigeria. Like arumob says, MTN has more flexible plans and is also more competitive.

  5. Let me assure you all,there is INDUSTRIAL espionage, from inside etisalat against the company.Before you say why-how can a company operating in nija with the current prevailing data pakages come out with this toxic tarriff(implosion) reduc…..
    Men these guys are so dumb,am sure they are using UAE currency(diram)to do their calculation.
    What a disaster for etisalat!

  6. These plans sucks, Etisalat is suppose to exploit the shortfallings of mtn and come up with better packages, these packages present nothing that can make one change data providers

  7. Currently, on loading a minimum of N200 within any week, yoiu get 15nb free. The credit is not deducted.

    If I then subscribe to >

    *.Weekly Mobile Bundle (7days) – 50MB – N500

    by loading another N300 (to make up N500)

    Will I get 65Mb – 50mb 15mb
    data for 7 days or what?
    Or is Etisalat using the back door top withdraw the 15mb/werk free offer?

    Choice is good – but it sure can be CONFUSING when it is really plural!

  8. @EyeBeeKay

    Not confusing really. I had it set up that way. Anytime you load and you are given the 15mb, you bonus 15mb is used up first while your data plan is placed on hold. Once exhausted, you revert back to your data plan.

  9. come to think of it does Globacom have any mobile data plans? same goes for Airtel. it took me e while to use their infinito package on my phone. As for etisalat am still not impressed by this new package.Kudos to Glo am seeing 3G on my phone in Zaria I wonder when Kwale in Delta state will come alive with 3G serviced

  10. Every Man has the Right to his own opinion.

    MTN internet is really fast in my area (when the 3.5G is available) and I use it alot. My main worry has always been that the 24hrs data packages are not flexible enough because its only the 100MB/1k and 5GB/8K that is 24hrs/30days. I would have really loved it if MTN had different data bundles all available for 24/hrs. (or am I the only one that loves to have internet 24/7 on my phone and easily share to my PC any time)

    on the other hand, Etisalat internet is not that fast (certainly because its on EDGE) but always available and at least it had 500MB for 3k available 24/7. So what i wished for on Etisalat was more 24/7 30days flexible data bundles and 3G.

    Etisalat has fulfilled my first desire with these new 24/7 30days flexible data bundles and the only thing remaining is 3G.

    It just amuses me that some people feel that the 24/7 30days flexible data bundles are not good enough. As much as we know that non of our Networks have met international Standard, I still feel the baby of the house deserves some credit.

    Its a strange world we live in.

  11. Well,contrary to what i was twitted @etisalat_9ja the #100 daily boundle is 15mb while #500 2weekly boundle is 75mb.Has any one confirmed 2weeks boundle yet, coz i have confirmed daily boundle to be actually 15mb.

  12. The 500n 4 75mb makes a whole lot of sense to me if its true oo but dat was not what i say on their site 3days ago when i checked last

  13. its a pity though but etisalat on the punch of feb 21/2011 pg.73 advertised a different daily(10mb@N50) and weekly plan(50mb@N100) so what caused the change? im disappointed.

  14. anyone heard the news about airtels new 1 gig for 1k plan?? i need to have the activation. cant find it on their website

  15. No it’s three thousand naira for 1GB.Dial * 141*712*10# from your smart phone. I have not tried yet to see if it works on my Zain 3G usb modem b/c I do not want to risk using up my call credit on my Airtel line in case it does not work.

  16. I noticed that Airtel is now giving 20mb on their daily plan. If they’ve increased the data bundle across board, that means the Airtel N1k 100mb plan will now be 200mb, which beats Glo Always Micro of 150mb for same N1k.

    Anyone using Airtel N1k monthly plan to confirm its now 200mb?

    If thats true, it also means combining the Airtel Smartphone Plan (N3k for 1gb, now 2gb?) with MTN Night Plan (N2k5 for 3gb) gives you 5gb for N5k5 monthly. How does this come compare to GLO 6gb for N7k5 monthly in terms of efficiency (redundancy) and price (cost savings)?

    I know that combo beats Glo G100/300 hands down, but is it more economical than GLO AlwaysMax ? No other data plan seems to come close so those are the top 2 (Glo 6gb/N7k5 and Combo 5gb/N5k5), then we have MTN 5gb/N8k (and maybe a new Airtel 6gb/N5k if they double across board) .

    What do u guys think? Is it a winning combination?

  17. Etisalat would not let u use ur browser after u buy their plan. They want to skimm my money.

  18. what are you waiting ditch them and find another network that offers a better service for your needs.It’s your hard earned money that we are talking about here.I will not touch any of etisalat’s data plans even with a long spoon.Their data plans sucks.

  19. Angela what do you mean by etisalat not allowin you use your browser after you subscribe?

  20. Angela,

    I have no problems browsing with an EasyNet bundle plan. I have tested it on an iPhone and a Motorola EX115, among other devices, and Etisalat internet works on all of their browsers.

  21. Pls how do i deactivate Etisalat’s 10MB data plan? I dnt even get notified when they take ma money each day. And d next day, UR UNUSED 9MB HAS EXPIRED. Amd tired pls is there no code 2 deactivate it?

  22. The guy how sent *299*0# made mistake
    The correct code is this (*229*0#)
    We send you a message of opt from the plan

  23. I want to leave dis etisalat easy net daily subscription bundle.someone help me o

  24. sending off to 229 does not work. It really doesn’t make sense if u can’t unsubscribe from a service.

  25. Please i need a code to deactivate my BB from daily plan,100naira was always deducted from my account when i load.Please i need the code to deactivate 100naira daily plan.

  26. Pls any code to deactivate this etisalat daily stealing plan guys….else i will break this sim… end an unplanned LOSS !

  27. Hmm my friends helf me
    Etisalat stol my money if i recharge my acount!!!
    Pls how i can deactivate daily internet subscriction on etisalat ?????

  28. Seriously, you guys should visit Etisalat care centre not just to resolve the unsubscribe issue but to lay your complaints.

  29. I need a code to deactivate my #100 daily plan of 10MB, I do not need it again,I prefer #200 weekly plan of 15MB. 08188331024,thanks

  30. I have been trying to subscribe for the N1000 100MB plan for the past 5 days all to no avail. I have tried the *229*2*1# and ‘MI3’ to 229 which was given to me by their customer care. But I keep betting operation failed please again try later. Is there any new codes for their internet plans

  31. Had same problem last week and visited the experience centre at The Palms.
    They solved the problem and gave me a code to use if I face same problem next time.
    Here is the code:

  32. @martinkem:

    I don’t think they have any new code. It could be they are experiencing some technical problems. last Saturday, I’ve to send the code for over 15 times before I could successfully subscribe, though I wasn’t getting error message in my case. I keep getting that my request is being processed and to wait for confirmation SMS.

  33. mtn seems to be the best for micro browsing now with thier 5mb for 5naira on mtn pulse.code:*406*1# to subscribe and *406*2# to unsubscribe. in this way u can get 1000mb for 1000naira. to stop ur daily subscriptions, call the customer care service for etisalat or send stop to 229.

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