We are glad to announce the TECNO W3 on a 3-month instalment plan. This page explains the details of the instalment plan and includes a

EasyPurchase: TECNO W3 3-month Plan

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We are glad to announce the TECNO W3 on a 3-month instalment plan. This page explains the details of the instalment plan and includes a subscription form so you can sign up right away.

How the TECNO W3 3-month Instalment plan works

Simply complete the form below to order for your TECNO W3. Our payment processor (PayStack) will securely bill you for the first payment. You will be automatically billed the same amount after 30 days and then 60 days to complete your payment. Once billed the third time, the billing stops automatically.

How Much Exactly Are You Paying?

In Summary, you pay N15,000 three times.

Terms And Conditions

1. You will get your smartphone delivered to you at your office within 24 hours. If you order on a Friday, it will be delivered to you the following Monday, except you report to work on Saturdays.

2. SIP is initially available only in Lagos State, but service coverage will be expanded to other states in Nigeria shortly.

3. Your purchased device comes with manufacturer’s warranty. Any issues have to be referred to the manufacturer’s service centre. Mobility Arena is not a retailer, but only facilitates the acquisition of the device from retailers.

4. Where you do not pay up your subsequent instalment sums as due, Mobility Arena or its agents will take action to redress defaulting payments. Such actions may include:

  1. Reporting your account delinquency to multiple credit bureaus;
  2. Involvement with external collection agencies;
  3. Involvement with your employers;
  4. Possible legal action.

5. In the case of default in due payment, you agree to pay an extra 15% per month on the full cost of this order till all fees are fully settled.

In using this service, you agree to all the above conditions. You will be required to sign a physical copy of these terms and conditions at the point delivery of the device to you.

Important: Note that Mobility Arena reserves the right to deny access to this service and cancel a subscription where we are not sufficiently convinced of the subscriber’s creditworthiness and will issue a refund of the initial deposit within 48 hours of the application.

Got Questions?

Call our hotline to ask: 07057175171.

Subscribe for TECNO W3 3-month plan now

***Remember: Enter your workplace name and address as your shipping address. We deliver only to your place of work.
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