An eatery in Lagos pretty much threw me out for using a laptop within their premises. The encounter inspired me to come up with a list of places in Lagos that provide public Wifi and where you are welcome to use your laptop.

Eateries and public places in Lagos where you can use your laptop

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Two weekends ago, I was at a Mega Chicken outlet in Lagos to go over some digital media business with a client. We had made purchases and were engrossed in our discussion when a lady walked up to our table. She politely informed us that “this was not allowed here”.

While my acquaintance was bewildered about the whole thing, I was quite familiar with it. Over the years, I have been at the receiving end of that line at various fast food outlets in Lagos. But that was a long time ago. I was almost certain that such a policy would have been widely discarded by now.

I was wrong. Anyway, we rounded up our discussion and left. We chose another food outlet that was more in tune with 21st century realities.

That encounter inspired me to come up with an article listing places in Lagos where you using a laptop would not be frowned upon. All of these places also provide Wifi internet (free or paid).

Eateries and places in Lagos where you can use your laptop

Bar Enclave

Location: Ilupeju.
Wifi: Free.


Location: Ikoyi.
Wifi: Free.

Cafe Neo

Location: Victoria Island; Yaba.
Wifi: Free.

Chicken Republic

Location: outlets across Lagos.
Wifi: Some of the outlets provide free Wifi

Freedom Park

Location: Lagos Island.
Wifi: Paid.

Roadstar Burger

Location: Lekki.
Wifi: Free.


Location: Ikeja City Mall, Alausa; Ikeja GRA.
Wifi: Free WiFi.

Terra Kulture

Location: Victoria Island.
Wifi: Free.

If you ever need to work on your laptop while catching a bite or a drink, the above are good places to consider.

Also, if you know any other public places or eateries in Lagos where customers are welcome to use their laptops, please help us update this list by adding name and location in a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article too.


  1. This is is certainly antediluvian.

    Why are these eateries not banning the use of smartphones as well, seeing that ‘what a laptop can do, a smartphone can do even better’?

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