Ebi Marketplace: business support for local female entrepreneurs

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Ebi Marketplace is an e-commerce platform providing access to finance wider market access, technical and business support to local female entrepreneurs. The platform was introduced as a solution to the impact of COVID-19 on Nigerian female-owned businesses.

Developed by SME.NG, Ebi Marketplace democratizes access to finance, financial inclusion and e-commerce for women entrepreneurs. The platform exists to improve access to finance, access to wider markets, access to technical and business support, as well as access to a job portal connecting female entrepreneurs to suitable staff.

Ebi marketplace

The platform will further allow entrepreneurs connect and partner with other female entrepreneurs across the country, thus helping them transform their economies to become more independent, equitable, and sustainable.

Ebi Marketplace platform will be Nigeria’s first all-women’s e-market platform which is safe and user-friendly. The platform will also feature a Nigerian women’s SME directory with sector and location tags to expand the reach of products and services across Nigeria and beyond.

The Marketplace will be all inclusive and will be a one-stop shop information portal of opportunities for female entrepreneurs. The app will provide female entrepreneurs and their customers with a unique and seamless online trading and shopping experience.

It also includes features that will help drive sales and boost revenues for women-owned businesses, as well as provide other resources that will enable female-owned businesses to thrive.

Ebi Marketplace

To join the Ebi Marketplace Platform, interested female entrepreneurs can register to be vendors on www.ebimarketplace.com. The Ebi marketplace will officially go live on the 1st of August and the app will be available for download on Play Store and Apple Store.

Successful sign-ups would officially become vendors on the platform and can access all the benefits on the Ebi Marketplace Platform.

SME.NG was established to bridge the gaps in women’s access to finance through “gender lens investing”. It is an impact investment platform that invests in Nigerian SMEs to realize measurable environmental, social, and financial returns. The platform’s approach to SME financing is through a “blended financing” model, which leverages private capital, public sector investments and philanthropic giving. SME.NG has two funds for women and operates an all women accelerator, “She Works Here”.

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