eBuddy XMS coming to Meego, Symbian, S40 and Windows Phone 7 in Nokia partnership

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eBuddy announced as a preferred messaging partner for Nokia

Messaging giant announces 4 Nokia-related apps for XMS

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – October 27, 2011 – eBuddy, the world’s leading independent web and mobile messaging service, announced today that it is to become a preferred messaging partner for Nokia, and will launch 4 Nokia-related platforms of its latest mobile messaging solution, eBuddy XMS, in the coming months.

eBuddy – who recently reached the 20 million downloads milestone in the Nokia Store -aims to continue its messaging success story with Nokia with the introduction of eBuddy XMS, available on Meego, S60, S40 and Windows Phone 7 devices, and providing coverage across all of Nokia’s current and future platforms.

“eBuddy’s success and experience in the mobile messaging field have made this partnership a natural step for Nokia” said Reno Marioni, Business Development Director, Global Social Partnerships, Nokia. “We are excited about the introduction of eBuddy XMS to Nokia platforms and look forward to having Nokia users enjoy the reliable and rich messaging experience that eBuddy XMS provides.”

eBuddy is one of the world’s most successful and popular mobile messaging services, having seen more than 150 million unique downloads of its apps to date. Known for its globally popular instant messaging (IM) solutions, eBuddy now aims to make eBuddy XMS, a free real-time mobile messaging solution, available to wider audiences.

“We’re delighted to have eBuddy XMS soon available to all Nokia users” stated Jan-Joost “JJ” Rueb, CEO and co-founder of eBuddy. “Partnering with the biggest handset manufacturer in the world reflects the strength of the eBuddy XMS proposition, and now supporting the majority of the mobile market allows us to make XMS the new norm in mobile messaging”

  1. Integrating IMs seems to be catching on…but ebuddy needs serious beefing_up, to be competitive..

    The ‘XMS’ appendage may just be a pointer to planned serious embellishment..

  2. I§ this gonna be like whatsapp, bbm and the likes? Or i§ it gonna require standard username and password

  3. the ebuddy XMS is just like whatsapp. supporting file /pics sharing. its a great app that’s already available on the android market. I have not been using it that much because much of my chat friends are on whatsapp. However, whatsapp will soon require us to pay after the 1st year free app, by then, everyone will migrate to hang ebuddyXMS

  4. Wow …another cool messenger. Happy that it’ll be available on Meego OS. Meego users need more developers, if they are not to regret getting the N9.
    @Belushi, if whatsapp expires, all you need to do id download again and register another number. I think that should work

  5. Empexy,

    Users of the N9 are almost 100% enthusiasts who are aware of the capabilities of the device before buying.

    I have no regrets at my end. I doubt if other users have either.

  6. People kept saying XMS is good to use but i still avn’t have it taste on my S^1, Is it available for s60v5?

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