EDGE on Etisalat: First Impressions

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EDGE on Etisalat: First Impressions 1Dayo and I have had the opportunity to play with EDGE on the Etisalat network a bit (yes; Etisalat again, but what can we do?). And, oh, I finally did get to pick up my reserved number today.

First off, Dayo has had a good browsing experience with Etisalat’s EDGE network at his location. He reported that pages opened fast generally and satisfactorilly.

However, at the office today, where we both tried out the EDGE service, we ended up disappointed. It just failed to perform. The Etisalat portal homepage (as well as other mobile URLs we tried) just wouldn’t load completely.

EDGE on Etisalat: First Impressions 2I mean, we were looking at the type of performance one would expect from the now extinct CSD (Circuit Switched Data aka dial up).

We concluded that it must be a location problem. Incidentally, the Etisalat official handling SIM/line redemption at the neighbourhood redemption centre found his network’s connection unusable too. Hopefully, it’ll get fixed soon and then I can run some more tests.

EDGE on Etisalat: First Impressions 3

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EDGE on Etisalat: First Impressions 3

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