If you are new to Android and want to test the waters to see what manufacturers on the platform have to offer, here are eight

Eight Android phones for first time users

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If you are new to Android and want to test the waters to see what manufacturers on the platform have to offer, here are eight (8) Android smartphones that offer value for money in various ways. Each stands out in a different way from the others, but all provide good experiences without requiring you to break the bank.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3: If you are on a budget for an Android smartphone, the Galaxy Ace 3 comes recommended. N14,000
  2. TECNO Boom J7 – The J7 is a lovely smartphone experience for a first time Android user. It has a beautiful design and is a superb music phone. N23,000
  3. Motorola Moto G – I fell in love with the Moto G from the word go. A near stock Android experience and good performance means that it is a remarkable phone delivering a rounded experience – if you can get your hands on one. N40,000
  4. TECNO Y6 – Functional and cost effective. N17,000
  5. Gionee M3 – Are you crossing over to Android and your primary concern is battery life? Say hello to the M3. This smartphone will keep you going all day – sometimes for two straight days. N25,000
  6. TECNO Y3 – If you are on a budget and need a functional but low cost smartphone, the Y3 looks like what the doctor ordered. And it is dual SIM too. N12,000
  7. Samsung Galaxy Core II – What you get here is a well built phone that looks the part. N24,000
  8. LG D410 L90 – The L90 is good value for money, and almost flawless. Got updates from first quarter 2015. However, users have reported having issues since updating to Lollipop. The price has gone up a bit though since we got our hands on it last year. N43,000

There is no way to list all the Android smartphones that fit the criteria for this list, but you can be sure that you will be good with any one of the above devices.


  1. The Moto G is bae. It’s the first Android phone I’ve had since the HTC One S that I haven’t hated in a long time!

  2. I thought there was a newer version of the LG D410 L9?

    One of the big bugbears for someone switching to Android or any phone from another operating system is the battery life. There are some good mid-range phones, but battery life is king.

    Met someone recently who switched from a feature phone to a smartphone and hated it because of the battery life. They weren’t interested in apps, just a phone whose battery life lasted more than 2 days. Naturally they switched back to their old reliable Nokia 🙂

  3. all hail the m3… jes don’t understand why tis laggier than m2 tho… but still battery beast!! with great screen, look n feel

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