What smartphones are to feature phones, is what electric bicycles, electric bikes, or simply e-bikes, are to regular bicycles. E-bikes are battery powered bicycles and come with more advanced features.

Electric Bikes, or e-bikes, are the new cool

What smartphones are to feature phones, is what electric bicycles, electric bikes, or simply e-bikes, are to regular bicycles. You can pedal on an electric bike, but you can also switch to the battery-powered electric motor. This provides you with a more convenient and faster ride.


Because they are battery-powered, e-bikes are an eco-friendly way to commute. They come with features like USB ports for charging your smartphone on the go. Some have tracking systems that send you notifications. Others, the ability to fold in half for easy storage. Some even have solar panels for electricity generation. Some have an LCD display, locking and unlocking features (including fingerprint unlocking), and even removable batteries that can be charged away from the bicycle.

Electric bicycles, electric bikes and e-bikes


E-bicycles are less expensive and can be much more convenient than electric cars, have been around for much longer, and sell way more too. And unlike the case with an electric car, if your e-bike runs out of power while you are riding, you do not get stranded; you just pedal on to your destination.

Pedal-Assist Or Throttle E-Bikes?

There are two rough categories of electric bikes – pedal-assist e-bikes that provide an electric boost only when you are pedalling, and throttle e-bikes, which can provide a boost even when you are not pedalling.


How Do You Charge Electric Bikes?

Electric bicycles are charged by connected them to a regular wall socket and it may take the battery two to eight hours to get a full charge. This depends on the specific capabilities of the model. Because they have an alternator built in, pedalling an e-bike conserves the battery, but doesn’t charge it. Solar electric bicycles have the advantage of getting charged via the sun.

What Is The Range And Speed Of Electric Bicycles?

Basic e-bikes have a range of up to 40 kilometres, while some more advanced e-bikes can go as far as 96 kilometres before running out of power.

Basic e-bikes can go as fast as of up to 28 kilometres per hour or 18 miles per hour, while more advanced models can power up to 45 kilometres per hour.

stark drive mini electric bike

There are many electric bike manufacturers out there making all sorts, sizes and shapes with varying levels of functionality. Some electric bikes also have their own dedicated mobile apps.

What Do E-bikes Cost?

Some basic electric bicycles cost as low as $300. Some really advanced models will set you back by over $3,000. It is a question of your budget and specific needs. They certainly cost much less than electric cars.

One thing is for sure: e-bikes are cool, fun and convenient to use. They are a marriage of the past, present and future. And they are selling like hot cake around the world. For example, bicycle sales in the Netherlands were reported to have been declining for years until e-bikes showed up and changed the game.

What is the allure of electric bikes? Perhaps, as one manufacturer puts it, it is that they make you feel like being a kid again!

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