The Infinix Zero finally got to me through Konga after many delays and online quarrels. This device is a beauty. At just 7.9mm thick, it

Elegant Speedster: Infinix Zero X506 Review

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The Infinix Zero finally got to me through Konga after many delays and online quarrels. This device is a beauty. At just 7.9mm thick, it is sleek and fits the hands perfectly. Quick run-down of specs:

SIM type: Micro-SIM/Dual SIM

Released: September 2014

Dimension: 140 x 70 x 7.9mm

Display: 5.0 inches, 1280 x 720 pixels (293ppi)

Memory: 8GB, plus micro SD card slot

Camera: 13MP back with LED flash, 2.0MP front-facing

OS: Android 4.4 Kitkat

Chipset: Mediatek MT6592

CPU: Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A7

GPU: Mali-450


Radio: Yes

Battery: 1,920 mAh

Price: N20,900

Pros: Premium build.

Very fast performance.

Has notification light.

Good rear camera.

Cons: Front camera is a bit blurred and doesn’t cover a wide enough range.

Average battery life.

Unboxing: The pack that ships with this device is compact, with no unnecessary spaces. You have the phone on one side, then the USB charger and ear piece. The wires have a flat design to prevent tangling.


Hardware and Design:

This phone looks and feels well premium and doesn’t reflect its cheap price. This phone has Gorilla Glass front and back with the sides made of a metallic material. You also have hot-swappable slots for the 2 SIM cards and memory card. By hot-swapping, I mean you can insert and remove your SIM card without need for rebooting.



This phone runs Android KitKat 4.4 OS, I checked and there was an OTA update available, size 65MB (See screenshots for the change log). This unit was the 8GB model, and I particularly like the way the memory was partitioned. 4GB for apps, 2GB for the ROM plus system apps, and 1.98GB for file storage. See screenshots below.


Camera: The rear camera of this phone produces good quality images especially in bright conditions. In dark places or at night, the output is blurred. The front camera is not good at all. The images are blurred and the range it covers is quite small. This means it can’t completely contains 3 heads in one selfie. Use the back camera if you must take a good selfie.

Multimedia: Music Playback quality is just there, not Dolby Digital kinda spectacular and still not chinko kinda loud. Sound output is decent. The video playback is awesome. Remember this phone has a 720×1280 HD display, so the video watching experience is really cool.

Network, Calls & Internet: Its supports HSDPA+ switchable on both SIMS, Call clarity is clear. Browsing speed is super fast, and I suspect its the 8 cores in action.

Performance: This beast runs on an octa-core processor, so almost everything works fluid and fast. Apps open and run smoothly, The few games I played on it Temple Run and Candy Crush, ran smoothly. See screenshots of the Antuntu Benchmark:


Battery life: This phone lasted 10 full hours of normal use with an accumulated total of 1 hour break. It was on 100% as at 7:30am on 3G with 2 SIM cards installed, and brightness set on lowest, and it had 5% charge left as at 5:30pm. This is not bad if you ask me, and switching to EDGE will make the battery last considerably longer.

Miscellaneous /Apps: With this phone, reading under sunlight didn’t get me twitching my eyes. I tried to root this beauty, and I couldn’t. Tried various apps like Framaroot, Vroot, Root master,went ahead and also tried this tutorial by Yomiprof. None of them worked. I reclined sha make I no spoil person phone.

The Etisalat free 500mb worked. Once I popped in the SIM, and sent the required sms, I received the data.USB OTG is not supported, plugging in the cable with a flash drive at the other end, nothing happened. One cool feature of this phone is the notification light that blinks whenever something happens.

Final Words:

Many people have had bad experiences using Infinix phones, but so far, since the launch of this phone, the only major complain I’ve heard has been the battery life. This phone is a worthy purchase, I didn’t experience any instant reboots or overheating. With this Infinix Zero, they stepped up their game, also the fact that its always running out of stock on Konga, tells you Nigerians love the phone. Infinix has gotten better than what they used to be, and considering the price vs specs, this phone indeed is value for money.


  1. really impressed with this device, Infinix have really stepped up their hardware game. hope there’s an Infinix One that addresses the shortcomings of the Zero. TECNO needs to step up or get blown away, their devices used to provide the best bang for buck. right now, the TECNO devices in this price range don’t come close at all. this is the best value proposition for an Android device right now

  2. The Infinix Zero I must say is a beautifully crated phone that feels sleek in the hand. I had the gold 16+2 version, but had to sell mine just after one week of use. Sleek UI and fast processor it has.

    I knew about the average battery life before purchasing it ‘cos I knew 1920mAh isn’t anything compared to the 3400mAh I have on my Nokia Lumia 1320. I only wanted to have a feel of the phone cos the hype was just too much.

    I only wished the promoters of the phone had come out with a protective casing same time the phone was released considering the fact that the front and back panels are covered with glass. A drop to the floor is almost inevitable for anyone and it’d be painful to have the gorilla glass go into pieces. In the meantime, one would have to contend with handling the phone like an egg.

  3. According to Wikipedia, USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated to USB OTG or just OTG, is a specification first used in late 2001, that allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices like a USB flash drive, digital camera, mouse, or keyboard to be attached to them. Use of USB OTG allows these devices to switch back and forth between the roles of host and client devices. For instance, a mobile phone may read from removable media as the host device, or present itself as a USB Mass Storage Device when connected to a host computer.

  4. Really would like to handle this bugger…it does sound like a cool device. However @elroy the OTA update you mentioned probably refers too apps and not the OS (as seen from changelog)…but if the Zero offers OS OTA updates, then its a budget winner in my books

  5. When your phone supports USB OTG, with the OTG cable, you can plug in flash drives and other things and read them from your phone

  6. A Lot Of Phone For The Money.

    The Elders Say, “Something Spoils The Panache Of The Orangutan.. Its Arms Are Longer Than Its Thighs

    The Moment I Saw That Battery Size, I Knew That Is Likely Its Only Achilles Heels.

    But, Thank God For Powerpacks. Yet Another Item To Log About. Sigh!

    However, A Phone Would Have To, First, Be Above Five Inches, Before I Consider It For Personal Primary Use, Now.

    And, Then, The Battery Life.

    I Would Forgive The Gionee M2 For The Screen Size And Go For That Instead, Because Of Its Unbelievable Battery Life…

  7. Rightly said, the battery life of the Gionee M2 is unbelievable. That’s what I got immediately I disposed off my Infinix Zero. The screen resolution, UI interface among others might not be the best around, but then, who cares? How I hate to move around with a charger/power bank or beg for one.

  8. Please I hear there’s an upgrade for this phone to put an end to the overheating problem. How do I get this upgrade. Also, is there a flipcover for this phone cos as someone rightly pointed out, it is very fragile cos it’s made of class on the two sides of the device. Having it fall off one’s hands will be quite catastrophical and devastating. Can anyone help me out on these issues?

  9. This phone is a good phone for 3 reasons.(1)Its build quality(2)The OS+KitKat(3)The price!
    The thing with any tech is;its impossible is get everything in one packet.Every device has its strong points at weak points.For the Zero i know its obviously the battery.
    Any average phone user cant go 7.5hrs without needing to boost their battery.By using “average” am not counting some of our folks who own very expensive flagship devices but use it mainly to make and receive calls(i cant get the picture of my dad outta my head at this point)…even some of these still underperform when used this way!
    Infinix Zero is quality low budget phone and if power is more important than performance and overall quality,ignore it.Am enjoying mine by the way(16gb variant) and i get close to 9hrs before it runs out of juice.

  10. The Infinix is a wicked buy. Looks good (doesn’t feel as good thanks to the creaking in certain parts). I got one for my lil brother. Battery isn’t the worst I’ve heard off. It does have an annoying tendency to reset user configurations (wallpaper, ring tone, default apps etc) after a reboot. It may be a singular problem attached to just this order.

    As a budget device and value for money 9/10
    Performance 7/10
    Battery 6/10
    Hardware 6.5/10
    Resale value 2/10

    Not bad

  11. What happens when it falls on the back and cracks? Is it safe to remove the glass and use the metal? Cause I haven’t found a place to get it fixed yet

  12. am having same issues like you George
    my battery keeps gettin hot and it pops out a message on the screen sayin i should remove the battery from device. pls have you found a way to fix yours so you can hint me pls. my phone is just 48hrs old 🙁 😐

  13. I am planning to buy this mobile, and at the moment i am using HTC M8, I will use etisalat sim 10gb data and will be using for socializing only and playing game and will use HTC for my official use. what do you think should i buy this mobile or not. please need your guidance. Kindly waiting for your prompt respond

  14. Hennn!!
    If you’re using an M8 already you can surely do better; even within the HTC family, for your social needs.

    Some examples:
    HTC One+One.
    HTC One mini.
    HTC Desire 816/ 820 (Dual Sims too).
    HTC One.

    Not saying the Zero is bad. It’s looks awesome & I’m going to buy it for my young cousin this Xmas (and this is from someone who’s had terrible experiences with infinix phones).
    I’m just listing alternatives within your (my assumption) price range.

  15. I plan to get this phone by next month… Can someone tell me whether it’s a good buy at this time or are there contemporaries I could buy that are better? A phone within the same price range.
    Thank you.

  16. Just bought the Zero, popped in two SIMs, everything looking good and working good so far, but one thing I have not been able to achieve is to switch from SIM 1 to SIM 2 to make a call. The accompanying owners manual and the blogosphere can’t help me either. So, help me,anyone. Thanks a million.

  17. I can say the phone is good and it will never hang on you, the only problem I see with this phone is battery and no one even know how the battery looks..

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