How to eliminate the white border on Snapchat Story

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Snapchat is a great platform for sharing photos and short video clips to our friends and family. There’s also a feature called the Story, which is a collection of snaps you can broadcast for 24 hours. Most times, you have to take these snaps within the Snapchat app, otherwise your snaps get a white border, which lets everyone know that the photo is old. Now, if you do not want this white border on your snaps, you can make it happen.

The first thing you need is an app that allows for several different folders and lets you move photos between them. You can do this on Android’s Google Photos and on Apple’s Photos app. On Google Photos, locate the photo you want to upload to Snapchat. Then select the photo and move it to the designated Snapchat folder. You can do the same on the Photos app on iOS. Note that the Snapchat folder should already be set up in both Google Photos and the iOS Photos app.snapchat story white border

Now, after moving the photo you want into the Snapchat folder, launch Snapchat. Next, go to Settings, select Memories, and tap the Import Snaps from Camera Roll option. Select the photos you want to import, then tap Import Snap. Then you can return to the main screen in Snapchat. Your photo will be in Memories. From there, you can now use the photo as you would use any other photo you have saved within the Snapchat app.

However, there’s a note of warning. DO not forget that you should be careful when importing horizontal photos. Snapchat is not particularly fond of horizontal photos, so you will need to edit a horizontal photo to make it vertical when you first import it. You can do this within the Google Photos app, Apple’s Photos app, or using the picture editing app Snapseed.



  1. I have never installed Snapchat there I cannot try this tip. Maybe I can apply the same concept for another app in future sha.

  2. I have never installed Snapchat on my phone before and I don’t know how it works. I believe this article will be useful for me when I later installed it on my device.

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