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GSM operator, Etisalat, seems to be on a roll. This time, they have put out into the market a post-paid product, Elite World.

etisalatElite World offers the following benefits:

  • one simple tariff
  • the choice of one out of four minimum monthly payments (MMP) – N2,500; N5,000; N10,000; and N20,000
  • added rewards on voice and data
  • blackberry services
  • international roaming (180 countries; 500 operators)

Added Rewards

Subscribers on the N2,500 MMP plan get N250 voice airtime and 20mb data free.

Subscribers on the N5,000 MMP plan get N750 voice airtime and 50mb data free.

Subscribers on the N10,000 MMP plan get N2,000 voice airtime and 150mb data free.

Subscribers on the N20,000 MMP plan get N5,000 voice airtime, 300mb data and USB modem free.


For some reason, the customer care representative that I spoke with on phone did not have the tariffs for this package available. I was directed to go down to an Etisalat Experience Centre. If anyone has the tariffs for voice, SMS and data on Elite World, kindly post.


To subscribe, you are required to go to an Etisalat Experience Centre with two passport photographs, your ID card, and the cash for the first month of the plan you wish to subscribe to.


  1. I stopped over at the Etisalat shop in Mega Plaza and got these tariff info:

    1. Voice: 40k/sec for all post-paid plans (within and outside network)
    2. SMS: N5 (within), N10 (outside), N15 (international)

    Individual Activation/Migration Requirements
    1. A passport photo
    2. Driver’s License or international passport
    3. Utility bills
    4. Bank Account Statement

    Corporate Activation/Migration Requirements
    1. Letter of introduction
    2. Contact details(email addresses, phone number or ID card
    3. Subscriber agreement form
    4. Certificate of Incorporation

    No info on post-paid data rates.

  2. Could someone please explain the difference between owning a blackberry and a smartphone cos I’m not understanding the hype behind it? They practically do the same thing in my own opinion.

  3. @Chukwudi
    Well, not much of a difference. It’s just like saying ‘performance car and Ferrari’. Ferraris are performance cars but not all performance cars are Ferrari.

    Blackberry is a brand name of smartphones developed by a Canadian company, RIM (Research In Motion). The most distingushing feature of the Blackberry is the way it handles emails, which other smartphones now do quite well.

    Do you get it?

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