Who else is getting these errors on their BlackBerry 10 phone?

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Almost everyone I know that owns a BlackBerry 10 phone is having one very peculiar complaint. When they try to open App World an error message appears saying:

An error has occurred and BlackBerry World will be closed. Try waiting a few minutes and reopening BlackBerry World.

See screenshot below:

It’s hard to pick out the cause of this issue. Another observation is that all the complaint came from users of GLO BIS 😀 Is it a phone thing or a network issue? Here are possible ways of solving this issue.

  • Restart your phone (preferably do a battery pull, see tip HERE ) and try it again.
  • Disconect your mobile data, and try connecting to App World using WiFi from elsewhere.

If the above tips don’t work, then maybe, you should gift me the phone and buy an Android. 🙂


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